Saturday, July 26, 2008

7/25 Final Night of Summer at BTs

Tonight yet again without contacts and was funny as hell. Tonight i just planned on getting drunk and had no idea lots of people would be there. When i get there, it was poppin :-D

#1 Was a curly haired brunette whom i went up to before. I'll just sum it up. She was neutral, and she acted polite..but after about 5 minutes, her friend takes her.

#2 Was a hot skinny brunette, she wasn't feeling me much. Was with afew of her friends playing the "Find wats wrong in the right picture from the left" game. I plowed i'd say a good amount, but she wasn't budging. Tried to isolate her but no go.

#3 Was a thick short brunette with an ok face who went up to me sorta. Talked with her and grinded with her. Told me her bf was over there. I met him, we looked each other assertively right in the eyes, i told him that i have alot of respect for him for being THAT confident and trusting in his girl. He told me "Yea...i know she won't cross a line :-)" He is pretty chill

#4 Was a brunette with glasses. What i like, girls with glasses. This approach went pretty well i'd say, BUT she also had a bf and he was playing pool. She kept saying "This is awkward :-)" I ask her why and she tells me cuz her bf was there. He was a bald non-ghetto late 20s skinny black guy. He was mad chill. I told him, "My bad dude...didn't know she was ur girl :-)" He told me, "Oh i don't mind :-). Atleast she's not sitting there bored off her feet :-)" I gave him daps and was laughing my ass off.

The two bfs of the two girls i previously approached were talking amongst themselves and they're looking at me(Prolly was about me). I"m like, "Oh boy... lol" then the black guy tells me again, "Oh don't worry about it dude, i don't mind at all :-)" haha. They were cool.

#5 Was a hot thin blue eyed long haired brunette, whom the previous week at the bar, we held good eye contact. I go up to her direct, and she's pretty receptive. All i can remember was that i was flirty with her, had some good rapport...tried to kiss her...but she declined. She says, "No :-)...No :-)...No :-)" I then try to do the "aww...but it'd be so nice :-)" kind of deal. She is thinking about it, but then declines again. Here i think i did fine, just that it was "not yet" more than "No!"

#6 Was a blonde with braces. I flirt with her and her short haired friend who i was gaming first. I'll sum this one up quickly. I isolated her, she was confused a bit but we talked about 5 minutes. I then go in for the kiss but she declines saying she can't :-). I ask her why...she doesn't respond that much about it but she tells me like in the matter that it was a bit too fast. :-) Oh well, got another kiss close rejection :-) I see her later in the night, say bye to her.

#7 Was a hot blonde whom i met before. She spots me, i do the "Come Here" motion and she gladly does. She sits down next to me. We have some good rapport and all. Eventually, i then try to turn her face and kiss her but her face wasn't turning. But i think her interest was MAD good tho. She tells me her bf is at the bar, i believed her...considering that she looked unhappy when she went back to him.

#8 Was a thick tall brunette with a green dress. Flirt with her for a few minutes, do the amazing sadness deal...but she But she was thinking about it a lil bit.

Earlier in the night broke up a fight as this one guy bet another guy $45 dollars to pour a pitcher on a guy whom he resented. the random guy did it, and then hell broke loose. I was in the middle. lol.

Oh yea, before i did my approaches, this 50 yr old gay guy looks at me for 5 seconds, and then pinches my ass. A Fat bald black guy says, "Oh dude...please don't be offended by them, they just drunk =-o" haha. I laughed and told him its all gravy. I was just shocked.haha.

Tonight was a blast. Quite a few of the guys gave me props for doing what i've been doing, saw a few old faces. Some of the girls i went up to before, was noticing me gaming other girls, so thats funny too. I walked home satisfied with how gaming at Radford University was during the summer. I did one last approach outside at night with this 30s Middle Eastern Woman, she was receptive but it only lasted a minute.

I then notice the 200 ft tall dorm with the clock(Muse Tower) I point to it and clench a fist saying

"Watch me! In a month, i'll be back to where i tear my campus up! Just you wait! I'll leave Radford with no regrets! I will be the best playboy i can be. Then i can graduate in my final semester satisfied!"

Tomorrow I head back to DC for a month to game there. Will do the malls too. Can't wait!

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