Sunday, July 20, 2008

7/20: Analysis of this Summer

Aright Guys, my semester at Radford its down to its last week. Day Game, i virtually have no idea wat else that'll be for that week. If i find a girl walking around or somewhere else, I go up to her. Nothing more, nothing less. Night game, Thurs and Fri i go out. I'll definitely give it my best shot at those places.

Now on to analyze this Summer at Radford University:

1) Aright, for day game...i definitely improved on being more genuine in my approach after opening a girl. I kept the flow of direct better.
2) Got less flakes
3) Realized that some of the women actually had bfs, hence why they didn't want to give their number or was really hesitant.
4) Got 4 Day 2s over the course of 5-6 weeks compared to the Spring where i didn't get a Day 2 at all. Lately i've had them once a week.
5) More relaxed with conversation, don't care what i say these days.
6) Been consistent with it for a while. Even though campus was empty a few times, i still went out there and approached the girls i surprisingly could find while going to and from places.
7) I'm more relaxed and conversation and sometimes dont' care if what i say will cost me attraction. Sometimes yea we should def make sure not to fuck it up.
8) Some of the girls i had to postpone day 2s with, turned out patience did help.
9) Approach Anxiety rarely happens...but when it does...usually i'll be able to get over it.

1) I am in tune with the environment. For the longest time, i had the mentality of day game at night, which can come off as boring in high energy environments not only to some of the girls but to myself.
2) I am more sexual. I touch girls more, look them seductively in the eyes
3) I am starting to feel more sexual state especially if i can tell the girl is feeling sexual too. My flirting, talk and everything becomes better.
4) Finally got a few kiss closes
5) Less concerned about pulling. I was so frustrated that i couldn't pull, that the other areas of my game leading to it were lacking. Im glad im getting those taken care of first.
6) My Isolation has DEF Improved!
7) My Convo Game has gone up in night game significantly!
8) I can stand up to Shit Tests much more easily these days.
9) I've gone out consistenly, 3 nights a week for a while. I would definitely say that's good.

1) Be less afraid to go for the kiss close on the first date. I think part of the reason i'm afraid is because i believe that i might lose the potential of a hookup down the line if i go for it. This is bullshit.
2) Eventually, im gonna go for extractions. Thats one thing I definitely want to do, Gunwitch's Game.
3) Triggering Sexual State in a girl by being in massive sexual state. Im getting better at it, but it could be better.
4) Be less worried of her reactions if i say something provocative
5) In some approaches, invite her over to my apartment if she is feeling that same sexual state.
6) Sometimes my convos could flow a little better.
7) To not believe party girls during insta-dates will bore them. Treat them as any other girl during the day when first meeting them. Girls are girls.

1)Kiss Closing. I'm getting better, but still i can work on a few things. Like going for it when she's at a high note. When she's really enjoying herself talking to me.
2)Not lose motivation to talk to a girl if she turns away while still talking to her, or if she walks away. I stay unreactive and still assume she's interested.
3)If i say something and a girl isn't respond much but yet still sticking in there, up things physically and then talk as if she's just playing hard to get. Hell, why not for the kiss ;-)
4)Eventually i want to do Bathroom extractions. But on a campus where people see each other, might not be the best idea until I'm in the big city after i graduate.
5)Even if im afraid to kiss close, i still go for it.
6)Do not be afraid to lose the girl if i try too early.
7)Do not be concerned if a girl finds some convo boring, i just switch to whatever topic until one she likes BUT i do not give up. If she says, "Don't be doing that" BUT if she's still there after i go for it, DO NOT give up on her. Keep talking, then try again.
8)During days i only want to dance/grind...still try to do the best u can when talking to them.
9)Try the amazing sadness only if it comes up in ur head, don't try to use it every time.
10)2 Beer Max on days i know that im nervous. But in August i def will not be drinking really at all unless its a night solely i want to drink.

All i know is that im feeling a little nervous about gaming in the clubs in DC, possibly because of them possibly being more difficult, there being more obstacles, rejections and blow outs. BUT, its necessary

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