Monday, July 7, 2008

7/7 Day 2 at Starbucks

Aright this is my 2nd ever day 2 from a cold approach.
Aright we arrive on time. We talk for about a good 45 minutes.
When i see her with her hair out and that her rack is in its good form, i was like "DAMN!". I hug her when i see her around and tell her "Wow...ur hair is out" She smiles and i play with her hair for a few seconds. Then we order are drinks and are sitting down across from each other, although i wanted to sit right next to her.

I ask her to tell me about herself. We go into about 4-5 different topics. From her living in the country where family has animals(I liked this talk the most), to different styles of dance, Which music we like, mainly other stuff. While we are doing this, me and her talked 50/50. I also check her out a few times, and one time i make it obvious. She says she's getting out of shape. I then check her out from the bottom up and i tell her, "No ur not ;-)" In a somewhat awkward manner she says, "Thanks :-\" But i think it was important for her to know that im sexually into her. Sometimes there's got to be an awkward moment. I use to be afraid of those things happening, but now a girl needs for us to know we are into them sexually.

After it, she was still showing interest. I believe i was getting a bit of sexual state. The way my eyes were and my voice were calmer and seemed more seductive. Course at times i was my usual happy, upbeat self when i was excited about something.
After 30 min, i guess i was starting to feel a lil lower energy and tired, a lil bored too. But it was only cuz of the nature of the date.

After we left, and were walking...we didn't talk as much...but it was more like it was chill. I was thinking of where we would meet up next. But then at the end of it, i just told her that i'd hit her up later in the week. She said we should do it again. :-)

After, i felt kinda down because i didn't set up another meet up and that i didn't do that well or that it fell flat at the end. But then i rethought it and i felt great. I did fine, she was still talking, Me and her looked at each other while talking, plus she took the time to look her most hot for this, which means that she's interested in some level.

I'm gonna hit her up again later this week and i want to see the Dark Knight with her. Here, this is important. I learned from the last day 2 i had that it doesn't always ahve to be a rush to get her over to ur place. But next time, after we watch the movie, im gonna invite her back. I have to take that risk.

Thats all for today :-)

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