Friday, July 18, 2008

7/17 PART I: Another Day 2 At Starbucks, Afew Day Game Approaches

Aright today i was gonna meet up with the girl at starbucks whom i thought flaked on me Monday. Before i get there, i'm having doubts and the biggest feeling that she won't be there. I dunno...i just didn't believe she would. But then i get there and my eyes are shocked, she was there before me. I smile :-). When i see her, we hug each other. She says she already ordered something.

Aright when we sit down, my friend calls to him for only about 5 minutes. Then me and her talk. She seems relaxed and in a good mood. At first i ask her about the hippie fest and we go into that for a few minutes, then on weed...and how she used to smoke it quite a bit. I then ask her, "I've always Stoned Sex amazing?" I then wondered how she would react to this, but i stayed calm and said it in a casual way. She then responded casually that stoned sex is ok, drunk sex is awesome, but wasted sex sucks. We talk all in all for about 15 minutes. We have good eye contact i'd say, its improving every day :-).

I then notice her hair, telling her i like. She says, "its not looking good" I then play with it. I also curl my hand with hers after giving her daps. Find out a bit more from her. I also tell her about some experiences with getting high and other stuff.

After 15 min were over, she said we should do it again. I said yea, course. Then she puts her shades on, we hug. I hold on to her face, but she's not looking at me...i try to go in...but i can't reach her since her face was already down. I then tell her as we let go that i was trying to kiss her. then she says in an unsure, indecisive manner, "I can't do that" I then tell her that next time will be different :-). I then tell her i'd say her again. She laughs a tiny bit and we part ways. Next i try to kiss her when her shades are off rather than

I do an approach with a girl i saw yesterday but saw today...i told her that im glad i saw her today as now i can meet her and that she's cute. She's pretty receptive and she laughs. She tells me she's got a test in class that she has to go. So i tell her that i will talk to her on the phone to make up lost time. I then tell her to give me her number. She looks me right in the eyes smiling, telling me that her boyfriend would kill her. I tell her thats fine, we can still talk. I then assume that she'll give it to me by taking out my phone and am about to dial and we can go to starbucks after the call.

She looks at me again with a smile is like, " I can't :-)" i then smile and tell her, aright its "XX..." She's like " I can' t :-)" I then tell her that she can :-) She is laughing a bit and is surprised by my persistence. She smiles again and says i'll see her around.

I have to say i'm very proud of my amount of persistence these days. Sure she prolly had a bf, but im glad i tried.

Another approach was a Hot tall brunette who was an incoming transfer student who was there for Transfer Student Orientation. I had an opportunity to go up to her before but she was on the phone. Just before she leaves i directly stopped her and tell her that i find her so gorgeous and that i'll talk to her for a minute. She smiles and says, "Not to be offensive but i really have to go :-)" I then tell her that its fine, i touch her shoulder and am walkin a bit away, but she stuck there after i touched her. She had a nice sexy southern accent and she told me that i'd see her in the fall. I smile and say, "Course...i'm good with faces and i will remember urs :-)" I then caress her hand for a second and we part ways.

I could've gotten her number to stay in touch with her but oh well. Next time i see her, in the fall...if i do...i will be gaming her flat out.

The last approach for the day was a Brunette girl whom we both make eye contact with each other who's about 25 feet away. I smile and raise my eyebrow, she smiles too. I go over there, tell her i that i find her cute and that i'm gonna meet her. She is pretty receptive. We make introductions, talk for about 7-10 minutes about whatever....she was an incoming transfer student also for orientation. She was a friendly and nice girl. Meet her friend she was waiting. She's also friendly and nice. # close the brunette. I'm gonna keep in contact with her, just like the other incoming freshman girl.

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