Saturday, July 26, 2008

7/24 Final Night at Rileys for the summr

Aright people, i go into rileys w/o any contacts as i said in my previous post and god knows it was hella hard to see. Luckily when people were walking by, i could see much more clear. I decide to drink some alcohol, which surprisingly increased my vision a tiny bit considering i typically have very sharp focus kinda like tunnel vision, so then it was much easier to see.

In this night, i did about ten approaches. Lead a few girls to the dance floor, got rejected once but she was still nice. One girl when i flat out dragged over there was like "NO! I can't! :-)" And then when i brought her over there, she then was dancing like crazy. My isolation has improved so much, im very happy.

See the black girl i made out with 2 weeks before. Tried to get her to the dancefloor, she resisted but it was alot more than usual lol. But i could tell she wanted to. but i do see her later with her asian friend with glasses. I give her about a 6.8-7.0. I danced with her. I think she was drunk, and we makeout on the dancefloor twice, but that was it.

I see a thick, big breasted black girl with glasses. She had a nice ass, wore glasses. Had a long nose, but damn this girl got my dick hard. She was really feeling me, and i was feeling her. She leads me to the bar...and since i enjoyed her company...we had shots together. I tell her, "i rarely ever do this...but since i'm really liking u and having fun....we gonna have drinks :-)" After we drink, i put her on my lap twice, then she sits down on the chair next to me. She's pretty much doing 80% of the talking, during this im listening, nodding, looking deep in her left eye feeling horny and sexual. After a bit, i then am looking at her "DSL" lips and kiss her for about a minute. Then i break it. Telling her that im really lovin those lucious lips of hers. She laughs and then we kiss again. Her lips, my god, they tasted so good. She was good at kissing too. I then told her, "lets get out of here :-)" She tells me, "Oh i can' with my cousin :-)" then she spots her cousin and walks over to him. I saw the guy around and i was a lil cautious considering if he was pissed or not. BUT, he didn't really care. She didn't blow me off, it was just about time to go.

The night was pretty interesting. Got two makeouts, not bad for a night ;-)

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