Saturday, July 12, 2008

7/11 Free Slurpy Day!

Aright everyone, first a free chicken sandwich by putting a cow headband on and putting on cow nose at chic-fil-a. Oh yea, yesterday was also free slurpee day, but wat the hell? All u get is a serving size cup. But thats not the exact slurp im talking about ;-)

Aright for today, i managed to do one approach. I stopped her direct as she was ahead of me, but she said she was late for an internship. I def should've persisted this and at least her number.

Tonight started off with me having blue balls. I guess beating my meat w/o releasing frustrates the body and gives off that pain. When i get to the bar, i was amazed...i wasn't nervous at first like usual. I actually didn't even feel like drinking, AT ALL. I managed to complete the first drill, do 3 approaches w/o drinking any alcohol. Tonight i felt like i didn't even need it this time.

1) Was a girl that looked familiar with her friend. Her friend had highlights. Went into how awesome their hair would like and shit. They were finding it funny. The one i went up to first turned out to be a girl and her friend, whom i walked back home before. Also i was trying to isolate her but she said she did have a bf genuinely. I then game the highlight hair girl, we do a little grinding and i twirl her a bit, and shit. Oh yea, before this another guy was talking to her...had his arm around her. In the past, i would've given it up. BUT since i've improved, i knew that it didn't matter if another guy had his arm around the girl, doesn't matter. :-) After, I then see she has a few piercing, i then ask her every where she has pierced. I think she was a lil curious of me asking. I then asked her if she had her nipples pierced and her clit. She laughs a lil and says no. I then go try to isolate her but she didn't want to. I could see her attention was waning, so i talked with her for a couple more minutes and then i could see she didn't want to hear me anymore and i left.

2) Was a hot blonde, i give around an 8. I go up to her direct style, and she is receptive and i could tell that she was acting in the manner of "I'm just being polite" and stuff. But i could tell that there was interest. I meet her tall friend as well, and i actually am somewhat gaming both of them. I then play with the friend's hair asking her does she like it long or short. She says, more on the short side. I then tell her that it does look great. Then i do it to the girl i wanted of the two, i was stroking it down with a smile. Then the girl i was gaming asked me what my major was. I then told her that she got 3 guesses and if she doesn't get it right, that she'll have to give me a kiss on the cheek. I give her a hint here and there and tell her. THey're like "OHH!!!" haha. I could def sense that this wasn't common for her, hence why she was acting still a lil bit polite. So then i tell her, "Aright...time to kiss the cheek" She resists at first, but then i tell her...but that was the deal :-). She then kisses the cheek and then she tells me that she thought i was gonna slip in a kiss on the lips, cuz thats wat other guys do. I then smile and then tell her friend that im gonna borrow her for a minute, and i isolate her a few feet further. She was like, "Where are we going?" with a resistant expression. I tell her just over there a few feet away. I was shocked that i was able to sense why she was acting so confused, that my awareness has improved.

While we're isolated, i tell her, "Aright...time to tell me about urself. I know ur looking all dolled up, and go to the bar for fun...but what else? :-)" She then tells me in a lil fake offended manner, "I don't got to the bar all the time, now and then" Yea i know, what else do u do. She then tells me she got a bf, but i ignored it since these situations i didn't sense genuineness. So i ignored it, just as i was talking to her somemore...a guy comes up to her asking her if she's ready for a drink. me thinking that actually was her bf, im like "Oh u her bf?" He didn't say yes, he didn't say anything at was more like he was confused. Then she's like hesitantly like, "Yes" I then smile and tell them to have a good one.

NOTE: The last part i just was mentally not there. But i believe her wanting to leave, didn't mean she didn't like me. It was more of the "What do I do?" kinda thing. I'm proud that i realized that when girls act funny like this when ur gaming them, its a good sign. Why? Because it shows them ur different.

3) Was a cute long haired brunette whom i met before. She was excited to see me asking where i met her before. I tell her, "I was the guy who asked where ur glasses at?" She was like "OH! Now i remember :-)" I then tell her how im into girls with glasses and she asks, "really? :-)" I say yea. Then i meet a male friend of hers, who's a co-worker, he's a cool guy. Talk to him and her for a minute or two. And i then try to isolate her, but she says she'll like to talk to him since they haven't caught up in a while. Im like "Aright :-)" and leave. I see her later sitting down, i sit down next to her, talked to her for a minute or so...but then see that she's pretty distracted, i let it go.

4) Was two blonde girls. One of them i tried gaming before who said she was engaged at the time. I decided to try again. She was sitting down in a group, and to my amazement, i wasn't afraid to game her and her friend. I then see there looking at a menu. Im just doing funny comments and shit. I then go take her hand and about to isolate her but then her friends to atleast let her eat first. We all laughed. I was sitting there talking to another person i knew. After they were done eating and she was off the phone, the friend of mine asked "U gonna take her to the dance floor? :-)" I then tell her, "Yea...when she's done :-)" So then the blonde girl was done, i then go on to try to isolate her BUT she then says she was engaged and she showed me the ring. Was pretty big too

5) Was a cute thick brunette girl. This was my first approach. She's next to a guy with facial hair. I just tap her on the shoulder and go direct. I talk to her for a few minutes and i find out that she's engaged to the guy that was next to her. He was a cool guy, didn't mind i was talking to his girl. I saw her ring and all that. I talked to her for a couple more minutes and stuff.

6) Was a brunette with a nice rack and thin body. She was walking over to the jukebox. I was recommending some songs, but she didn't really hear me. Then a guy she knew walks over and she was giving more attention to him. BUT, i didn't leave. I decided to stay there and not give up. She sits back down in the table she's at. I sit down next to her, i forgot wat i was talking to her about....but then she literally moves closer to her friend sitting down who was 5 feet away and i figured she wasn't interested.

7) Was a cute/hot brunette i met before the previous night. She was all excited and fun. I twirl her around to check her out. I forgot what i talked about with her, i think it was fluff. So then i do the Amazing Sadness Opener, to where we both kissed our cheeks, and then i decided to do the kiss. She was like "we have to wait :-)" I tell her, "Its only a peck" So then we peck or lips, and then i kiss them for a second. She smiles. She then says that we'll wait for kissing. She and her friend then decide to take shots.

Later in the night im feeling bored since i decided not to break the 2 beer limit rule and i felt disatisfied with how the night was going. I see she's with her friend again, who was bitchy and had attitude, with another guy. I then tell myself, "I don't care if its a group, im gonna keep talking to her" So then i go over to them, the bitchy friend i can tell doesn't like me and tryin to give attitude when im talking to her. THe girl i was talking to was nice and throughout the night when she saw me, she smiled and waved. While im talking to them again, the focus is just mainly on amongst the three of them(It was their boss). I then am like to myself "Aright...what do i say now? I'm at a blank" Then i see a fellow 1/2 black guy giving me daps for making out with the black chick the previous night. He told me that he thought i was gay when he first met me but knows i like the pussy now. I tell him that its what i just like.

Then im thinking, "Good...i can say something...thanks to his comment" I then laugh with the girl i was gaming and telling her, "Aww man...the guy over there thought i was gay when he first met me" in an exaggerated sad manner. She's laughing with me. I then smile and tell her, "Now how about that kiss? :-)" She tells me that we have to wait again. I then tell her, there's enough waiting. I touch her face and hair, and then kiss her, im trying to kiss her longer than a second but she didn't want to last any longer, but i could tell she was interested...just that her bitchy friend was right there, and cared quite a bit what she thought if she did more of it. She then asked me, "How many girls have you made out with tonight?" I smile and tell her, "The number doesn't matter, but its just been u so far" :-).

So then i see they're about to leave, i eject myself. I see her on the way out again, i hug her, kiss her cheek...and then we kiss again. Thats the slurp i was talking about ;-). I enjoyed it. I totally forgot to get her number or try to take it further...didn't think anything would happen further i guess. Oh yea, over the night, i hugged her now and then, flirted with her a bit, if anyone wants to know the kino parts of it.

I felt proud of myself. The 1/2 black guy gives me super daps after.haha.

All in all, i saw my improvement tonight and am proud that its starting to show. Now to have the kclosing be consistent. :-)

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