Monday, July 14, 2008

7/14 Analysis: State

Aright today just did two approaches. The first was a blonde i've seen around all the time. Turns out she was engaged to a dude i know. I hope the best for them. The
2nd was a cute blonde who went to 7'11. I waited in 7'11...i guess i cared what the people around thought if i just opened her while in line(Sometimes im like this for some weird reason) i just waited till she left. Then before she's getting in her car, i tell her to stop and that i wanted to meet her. She looks occupied but i still talk about whatever comes in my head, boring stuff pretty much. I then tell her that we can drink some starbucks. She says ok. I tell her to give me her #, she says she doesn't have a phone. I then tell her to put down her email address. Then she says she has to go

NOTE: I should've flat out given my phone to her and told her to put it in as my friend just suggested.

Today i want to talk about the changing of emotional state and my opinion of it.

State in the game tends to most of the time effect how our night or day goes. Usually if we feel good, our night is good. If we feel bad, our night is bad. But sometimes there might be a feeling of "If my state isn't good, then there's no chance is hell i can succeed" I say the true test in the game, is to go through that negative feeling and turn it into positive. I'd give a person more props for sometimes being in a negative state and then getting into a positive state at times than a guy who's always in a good state.

We shouldn't always try to avoid a negative state, as it might get stronger as time goes on. Just like fear, we get through it and over it. How? Asking ourself why we're in that state in the first place? might take a lil while to get over naturally, but its better to get rid of it smoothly than trying to quickly force it. Saturday Night my state dropped a lil due to a somewhat bad set. It went away in about 5-10 minutes. Talking to urself internally can def help with this.

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