Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Drills For Thursday Night

Aright, i've decided that this Thursday to help me get further to the point where i can do better at night game, i've decided to do 4 Drills this time.

Drill 1: Go up to 3 different sets, w/o alcohol. I've got to be able to relax and flat out game w/o it on days i don't care for drinking.

Drill 2: Each time u are gaming a girl, u must imagine kissing her lucious lips, and her sucking ur cock and caressing her warm body.

Drill 3: Ever girl u talk to, go for the kclose. As long as their bf isn't there.

Drill 4: While talking to the girl, ask urself. How Can i enjoy myself with this girl tonight?

Drill 4 i've had trouble with being able to accomplish. Sometimes i'm just at a blank. But i'll solve that problem :-)

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