Monday, July 7, 2008

7/5: Pushing Myself

Alright guys, tonight i met up with my roommate, and a friend of mine who brought another friend. We decided to go to BTs again, the bar.

Here, there were not that many girls...but still a good enough amount to do my thing. I'm sober when i see them.

#1 Hi introduce myself, telling them that i'm gonna talk to them. They're pretty friendly. One was a cute long haired brunette girl, the other was an older woman...who was fuckable. I talk with them for a few minutes and tell them i'd be back.

Note: That was the first sober approach during the night i've done in a long time. I was pretty tense and my head was a lil clouded. But still, it was all good.

Aright, after a beer...i decide to talk to them somemore. The girl im liking, we talk about tatoos. I go into how she should get them in all parts of her body. She's pretty into it. She shows me each of her tatoos. I could see she's showing interest. I talk with her with this for about 10 minutes. My kino is good i'd say. Also playing with her hair. Then i attempt to isolate her but she didn't want to. I'm convincing her a little bit longer, but she still declines. After this, it kinda died. She was bored. I hug her, and then try to kiss her about she wasn't looking so i don't think she knew what i was doing but that was it. I then leave.

#2 Was the sexy blonde from last weekend. I went up to her and met all her friends. They were older women too. they were friendly and did their own thing. I talk with her telling her thats its gonna be me and her tonight. Me and her tonight :-). She seems a bit confused or not sure what to say look and tells me, "Oh, im here with my friends :-)" I tell her that i want just us to talk but she declined. So then i play with her hair a lil, talking about how its wild. She tells me she's a hair stylist. I'm like, "really? This is the fifth hair stylist i've met this week" She laughs a tiny bit. I then was at a blank for whatelse to say. Part of it could've been i don't think she was intersted. I eject.

NOTE: I could've just straight up went more for rapport or just talked about anything. Don't leave even if u don't sense much from her.

#3 Was a stunning dark haired brunette woman who looked to be in her late 20s. This woman was very gorgeous. Definitely around a 9. I go up to her and tell her "You are so gorgeous...i've got to talk to you" She giggles. We introduce each other. Then her friend arrives and i meet her. I then immediately guess her friend to be 1/2 middle eastern. She asks me, "How did you know?" I tell her, "Because of ur facial features :-)" I then guess that she's half Lebanese. She smiles and shakes her head. She tells me if i get it wrong 5 times, then i buy her a drink. I told her, only 3 guesses. I get them all wrong. So then i do the funny thing and try to trick her into telling me.

I then say "Aright...i guess ur white and.....". She was about to say it but she caught it in the last second. Then i go back to the girl i was talking to. It turns out that we meet before. From what i can sense, she's neutral in terms of interest. I just get some rapport in and she tells me she's been to Charlotte. I tell her that i'm from Boston and that im a city boy. I wasn't getting much from her in terms of interest. So then i decide to cut my losses.

NOTE: Here i should've kept plowing for a few more minutes just saying whatever. She had a peircing on her nose...could've gotten into sexual talk with that ;-)

After i left, i see this other guy trying to game her from the side. Then i could see from the corner of my eye that they are both trying to see my reaction of this. It was funny. He didn't get anywhere either.

#4 Was a cute brunette girl and her bigger friend doing some dancing. I go over and hip bump the brunette girl. We challenge each other to hip bumping to where she says she'll beat me. We keep doing this for a few minutes...her friend tries to help her out to beat me, but i hold my I then do it with the friend. We intoduce each other, and i kiss her on the cheek...and then as im going for the other one there's a pause when are faces are facing each other, eventho i was looking down, could've been a sign to go for it. After that, me and the brunette girl sit down. I think im just about drunk at this point, i only talk to her for a minute but thats it.

My slovakian friend, i could tell, wanted to go up to the sexy blonde woman. But i could tell he was afraid. I tried to help him realize that u won't mess up or anything. He had excuses in his mind. I then decided to bring the sexy blond woman over to talk with him. He didn't know what to say. She smiled and didn't know what to say either. I told him, "sorry man...i didn't know u didn't want to in the end" But i think he was happy that i was that dedicated to having him talk to her. He told me earlier in the night that he liked the way i thought of talking to girls...especially that there are too many of them and only one of us. His friend was a nice and friendly guy but he was making excuses of how the stunning brunette earlier wouldn't give the time of day, or would reject or whatever.

But she was just one hot woman out of many. If the woman doesn't like you, it doesn't mean she's higher than you. You can easily find another stunning woman that is more receptive and will like you. :-)

For the most part, i realized that i just keep on plowing until then i realize there's nothing more i can do. Next Week i'll improve on that aspect.

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