Wednesday, July 9, 2008

7/8 Sky's Thoughts

Aright, today i was able to approach a latina girl with glasses. I saw she was ahead of me walking, and then from the back she looked like a girl i've seen around. So then i just said, "'ve ya been?" She looks back and notice she's the same girl i missed out on approaching one of the days. So then i tell her as i'm walking with her, "I find you gorgeous...i'm talking to u right now" She's laughing a lil bit. I then say, "ur el salvadorian" She smiles and says, "Nah :-)" I then say, "Colombian :-)" She says, "Bolivian" I then tell her, "I was close and then i just look at her with a smile" I was a bit out of state, but i kept going. Then i say, "Tell me about urself. I want to know" Its just small task pretty much. How she's here for just the 2nd summer session, how she lived in California and i tell her Cali is awesome and how we both have family down there. Just fluff. As we are about to go separate ways, i find out that our schedules aren't too good, we both work and take class at the same time gap. So then i say, "And i wanted us to go to starbucks together :-)" She laughs. Then i say, "I want us to get together later on this week...wats ur number?" She then says, "I'm sorry, i actually have a bf :-)" I then do the "So when's the wedding? ;-)" She laughs and says, " and him def aren't having a wedding" I smile and then we part ways.

Here i def could've still persisted and got the number anyways.

Also texted the girl from my day 2 yesterday, just telling her how i had a great time and how it excited me of seeing her hair out the first time. Just a text. Didn't get a response. Gonna text her prolly Sat or Sunday.

But now is...

Sky's Thoughts:
1) The Incoming Freshman are coming soon
2) Man...can't really find girls around campus to approach. The only ones are the incoming freshmen who are here for orientation BUT there usually packed with the orientation leader and 11 other people. Thank Fucking God they're hot!
3) For Night Game, i really have improved. I just read my old FRs and im amazed how my convos with girls last longer than usual and how i def isolate more often. I've become more sexual, less prone to cockblocks, and have gotten a funner vibe.
4) Def much less frustrated than I was back during Spring Semester
5) I have to honestly say. My Day Game has improved too. I'm def more congruent with it.
6) Some of the girls who resisted me getting their number, did actually have bfs i found out.
7) 16 Days left here at the university, we'll see what more i can do.

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