Sunday, July 27, 2008

7/26 The Mall Today

Aright people, today i went to the mall to get a feel for mall approaches again by just walking around the mall. Before i would leave, im feeling a lil nervousness considering I'm not sure how it will go. But then as i am driving there, im starting to feel some nostalgia of when i first did mall approaches. I could see some of these memories flashing by as I'm driving there.

When i step foot inside the mall, i am shocked at how familiar this was. I was more relaxed than i had thought. As i'm looking around, its mostly hispanic families, almost 90% of the people walking through the mall were hispanic. So...those options were out.

But i did manage while getting use to the mall do 4 approaches.

#1 Was a cute blonde girl looking at frames. As she's about to leave, i tell her to stop. I then tell her find her cute and that im gonna talk to her. She's pretty receptive. Turns out she's an incoming freshman at a nearby university. We talk for two minutes, i meet her mom who's pretty friendly. We then part ways.

Remember, today was "Get a feel for it again" day

#2 Was an attractive midlengthed brunette. I give her a 7. I tell her that i like her and that i want to talk to her. Her reaction is neutral and the way she came off was that she wanted to keep shopping. BUT, i plowed regardless of her reactions. Asked her what she was shopping for, said just stuff, i went into a little how i was getting stuff too. She then says in the same manner, "Well ur not gonna find any in this store" I told her, "Yea..course not :-) Im only here cuz im talking to you" She has a little laugh but that's really it. I ejected since i didn't think anything would come of it just telling her that i'll let her keep shopping, she says thanks.

#3 Was a late 30s latina woman. Its hard to describe her, she had the vibe of a gorgeous woman, but looks she was a 7ish in the face. But yea, i see her walking...kinda not sure if i should at first, then change my mind. Before she walks ahead, i stop her diagonally in front of her. I tell her i find her gorgeous and that i'll talk to her. She says thanks with a polite smile and is still walking. From what i could hear, she couldn't speak english that she might've been married. Who knows.

#4 Last approach was a cute blonde in express. She was also goin to the UNI i was. Tried to hug her after opening her, but she didn't want to. Talked to her for a few minutes, but i didn't sense interest from her.

All in all, am now 50% relaxed of what i was back on campus, so its not bad.

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