Tuesday, August 3, 2010

8/3 A Thread I forgot to read


Good info on girls who are looking to screw :)

8/3 The Vow!

After going to Dewey Beach, I almost had it! Last second logistics got in the way. If i had my own hotel, it would've been game over! I would've fucked her! I've made a vow, I am going to return to Dewey Beach in September and if i get success at Vegas...i'll then feel confident that things can also be possible there. Hell, Sunday...there were a ton of girls. I just have to be able to handle girls in a tough group logistical set. I can do it! I just focus on the girl i want. Hell, a strategy is to hit on all 4 of them and then pick the one that shows the most interest, if they're all hot!

Just 15 days till Vegas! I'll find out the truth once and for all....how i'm doing and the level i'm currently at. If i can get atleast one lay, I then feel i'm progressing pretty well. If i don't get a lay...then i believe i officially will need to develop a new style. Seriously, Vegas is the SNL Capital of the US. I mean, c'mon....if i can't get a lay in both weekends, then its obvious that to succeed consistently...i'll need to change my style. But even if Vegas doesn't work out, i still won't give up. I might need some time off...but i will still actively game.

In Adonis's next video...i'm going to get him to tell me of the good venues to try. I know there's Excess, the 2nd he mentioned and then Planet Hollywood is definitely an option and other casino bars. :) I'll possibly also hit a strip club one of the days. I think i'm going to get drunk on the strip one of the days as well!

I consider this the final answer i'm looking for. How good have I become? Vegas will be the answer. Till then...

I'm going to possibly game at Guards at Georgetown on Friday or Centreville Bars.
I'm going to just do Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday Night in Manassas.

Then the final week, I'm going to do Eden on Wednesday and Reston Town Center one more try on that Friday. I will also try Ree Ra in Clarendon one of the days as well.

The week of Vegas, i'm going to do McFaddens on Tuesday for one last prep before Vegas!

So my vow is to get one lay at Vegas and once i get it, to get more and then to return to Dewey Beach Mid September and to kill it there!

Monday, August 2, 2010

8/1 Dewey Beach Day Game

-Tall hot blonde girl...she was on a rush. Was european. Approached her too late.
-Older hot side woman who said her crying son and husband were ahead of her lol.
-Latina girl at the beach, was snobby saying how she will just walk by herself.
-Young girl who still seemed high school age...who felt social pressure becuase her friends' family was around.
-The Shark bar we decided to check out, all the hotties were there on Sunday!

7/31 Dewey Beach Night Game, Almost a Double Lay!

-Tall Brunette hottie with cleavage, stopped her but she felt social pressure so she left, i twirled her before she would go.
-Toned arms girl, was kinda neutral positive but showed more interested when i isolated her while her friend was possibly about to cockblock, when Prasant told her she can cockblock me later.
-Saw Jojo from Radford again, was gaming her but it kinda fizzled.
-A black haired hottie with a long black dress and big tits in a mixed group of 4 checked me out. Gunwitch is right, the girls who you want the most, tend to be attracted to you or sexually desire you as well. This was in the bar near Rusty Rudder
-In Nalu, gamed a girl who was with her female friend and her boyfriend. Great approach logistics, but she was a bit ADD.
-Two cougars, pras occupied one...while i occupied the older one. At first i thought it fizzled, since a guy older than me was age appropriate. But i didn't give up, reopened her...sat down. Build more sexual tension by doing the "lolly pop" kiss eventho i pecked earlier. She then was qualifying herself asking, "You really think i'm cute?" :) I then teased her by telling her...her cleavage is distracting me. I then find out her logistics are awesome(except that she lived with her children which i found out later). When we get there, you know the drill...her daughter who was a soldier and had a buzz cut saw me as i was going to the bathroom but that was it. After, the cougar is gone...and i go back to Nalu. Prasant was with his girl and attempts to leave with her but then as he's walking her, he talks sex and ASD sets in with her :). Almost had a double lay!

7/30 Clarendon

Was a hottie who looked like that girl who lived in Lynchburg and found her on the hot side. She was sitting down with three friends. I couldn't get her to isolate...while she did with a random guy....he did it later while she was standing/she was more ready to get hit on. I did fine.

Girl at my university(Sarah L)...turned out she never was interested in the first place. Pras told me she yawned when i was getting her number even when i was running solid game. She acted annoyed when i talked to her again(Winging for a newbie). She wasn't right for me and was she the sexiest girl i've talked to? No way! I find her physically attractive but she is at most a high 7.

Isolated a light brunette hottie, but she returned to her friend. Glad another guy in the community winged for me.

Clarendon, I don't like but it taught me a lesson...in terms of dealing with tough venues.