Monday, August 2, 2010

7/31 Dewey Beach Night Game, Almost a Double Lay!

-Tall Brunette hottie with cleavage, stopped her but she felt social pressure so she left, i twirled her before she would go.
-Toned arms girl, was kinda neutral positive but showed more interested when i isolated her while her friend was possibly about to cockblock, when Prasant told her she can cockblock me later.
-Saw Jojo from Radford again, was gaming her but it kinda fizzled.
-A black haired hottie with a long black dress and big tits in a mixed group of 4 checked me out. Gunwitch is right, the girls who you want the most, tend to be attracted to you or sexually desire you as well. This was in the bar near Rusty Rudder
-In Nalu, gamed a girl who was with her female friend and her boyfriend. Great approach logistics, but she was a bit ADD.
-Two cougars, pras occupied one...while i occupied the older one. At first i thought it fizzled, since a guy older than me was age appropriate. But i didn't give up, reopened her...sat down. Build more sexual tension by doing the "lolly pop" kiss eventho i pecked earlier. She then was qualifying herself asking, "You really think i'm cute?" :) I then teased her by telling her...her cleavage is distracting me. I then find out her logistics are awesome(except that she lived with her children which i found out later). When we get there, you know the drill...her daughter who was a soldier and had a buzz cut saw me as i was going to the bathroom but that was it. After, the cougar is gone...and i go back to Nalu. Prasant was with his girl and attempts to leave with her but then as he's walking her, he talks sex and ASD sets in with her :). Almost had a double lay!

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