Monday, August 2, 2010

7/30 Clarendon

Was a hottie who looked like that girl who lived in Lynchburg and found her on the hot side. She was sitting down with three friends. I couldn't get her to isolate...while she did with a random guy....he did it later while she was standing/she was more ready to get hit on. I did fine.

Girl at my university(Sarah L)...turned out she never was interested in the first place. Pras told me she yawned when i was getting her number even when i was running solid game. She acted annoyed when i talked to her again(Winging for a newbie). She wasn't right for me and was she the sexiest girl i've talked to? No way! I find her physically attractive but she is at most a high 7.

Isolated a light brunette hottie, but she returned to her friend. Glad another guy in the community winged for me.

Clarendon, I don't like but it taught me a terms of dealing with tough venues.

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