Sunday, July 25, 2010

7/24 Return to Town

#1 Curly haired milf with a curvy body. She had great sized tits. The pickup was pretty good. She said she didn't have much time, so i isolated her a few times. Decided to make out with her only to try to go for a venue pull. When she said she had to go to the bathroom...i said "I have to go to" To where then as we're walking, i take her hand and go inside with her to where we try to go to one of the stalls and go for it. If i knew there was much more time and i figured she wouldn't try to leave to go back to her friends, I would've built more sexual tension.

#2 Gay guy with abs and two girls. You learned to be friend the male. Its funny because this one was genuine conversation. The issue at hand was that the girl and her friend talked to themselves. Next time, reduce the time and involve the girl in the conversation.

#3 Gay girl with glasses. Funny set. She was going to help me out. Shame that she wasn't straight otherwise that would've been completely money. Kissed my first lesbian lol.

#4 Black girl with glasses who had big tits. Sadly...she wasn't responding as much. She was with her gay friend. What i should've done is isolate her without worrying if he'd stop me.

Did a few more, but they weren't worth mentioning. Town is better than other places, BUT its not good enough. Its easier to sexually escalate no question BUT logistics are a lot tougher.

Adonis' correlation with girls having to go back to friends and bad logistics go hand in hand. I noticed girls who's logistics were better...weren't on a rush.

But yet again, I went home without a girl or heck wasn't able to successfully fuck. the same time, i'm glad after a long ass time...i did something like this again.

I'll come back to Town in September. Coming up, I have to do Adams Morgan and see if this time things can work out better.

Last night, after getting rejected a few times at the end...i wanted to make them jealous...i wanted to show that they shouldn't. I had that feeling...but I then realized its temporary satisfaction. Rejection hurt, to this times i don't want to experience it at times but its become my strength. I have less to fear, although i did back out for some approaches but its ok. Your human :).

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