Tuesday, July 13, 2010

7/3 UMD Party

A few girls aren't responding much. I don't bother with them. German girl i make out with by lips. But she's ADD and goes back to friends. Nothing else here.

Go to UMD bars, just go full out wolf and go for quick makeouts and dancing and shit. Don't bother with any other form of game.

Salem argues with chick, blows smoke in her face and cusses out her friend.

Go back to party, african guy who friends of house is doing well with German Girl outside. I feel he's going to pull her. I'm jealous and deep down want him to mess up but rooting for him. But he's not calibrated enough to know he had her. I try to go for it but she's not responding to me :(.

Oh well lol. MisterB, PrettyBoy, Faz and others are there.

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