Tuesday, July 13, 2010

7/1 Georgetown Waterfront

Good spot. Lots of social groups though.

Good stuff with milf. Her logistics weren't that good. She gave me a fake number. Tried to seed a later meetup but didn't get to happen.

Kiss a tall skinny hot blonde at the start. She was typsy. She's like "Your gay right?! :)" I tell her, "Nope :)" Her mind goes haywire and then feels like a slut now lol.

Held back approaching a hot girl in green who was near a guy. He was then gone. She was giving subtle e/c during that. What is it with girls giving e/c when she's already with a guy? Strange! She was solo after but then talked to these two guys who were having mundane convo. I then decide to go up to her but no go. Truth is, she wasn't that interested to begin with. if she was, she would've been glad i came up to her.

See that same tall blonde at Johnny Rocket's. She comes up to me after i make a funny comment :)

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