Saturday, December 31, 2011

Friday at Clarendon

Alright, last night I went to both Mr. Days and Clarendon Ballroom. Mr. Days did have a decent turn out but too many groups, while the Ballroom had a good deal of cuties and hotties but also too many groups. It seems the logistics for an ONS are hard as hell but Silv was able to find a girl who was DTF. Maybe thats what i should do.

Mr. Days:

First girl looked like she was from Spain, we danced a bit. Her friend wanted to dance too so i danced with her. Second time i tried dancing with her, she didn't seem as into it.

Second girl was a blonde girl whom we had momentary eye contact. I walk down the steps and tell her, "If you could look at me like that, then you to me" She reacts well but then things die down quick. Her friend tells me not to take it personal and that she can't speak much english lol.

I'm still feeling a bit rusty. I see Silv again and the DJ which felt cool. But then i saw this one dude yelling at this other guy who was trying to approach these girls. This pissed me off and all of a sudden, I felt a surge of confidence. I missed this feeling and this was missing.

People all around the venue would look at me as if they can feel that confidence I had. It was crazy.

So then I see a girl who's middle or latina but i def wanted her. I then pull her toward me and she reciprocates. The girl next to her tries to cockblock but i'm not phased. It was the most funny thing, I just felt in the moment as if not much could stop me. Turns out the other girl said that she didn't try to dance with me before and seemed to get alittle jealous that i was dancing with her friend(the one i wanted), i talk to them for a couple minutes and i'm able to conversate better. Was funny, i was bummed out days before than i couldn't think of anything to say.

Got rejected a couple times from approaching BUT it didn't phase me.

As I was walking, one girl literally tried to flash her hands in my direction. I walk past it but then come back and pull her with good strength. She's then acting all resistant. Was funny. This one girl who's alright looking then gets my attention and wants to dance and have fun. I am down with this but the issue was that i was about to leave, so it didn't last that long. Oh well lol. i could've seeded for later. Silly me.

Clarendon Ballroom

Things got even better. For the life of me, i felt a big surge of confidence.

First girl who was short but looked sexy in her dress with black hair. I stop her directly, she is very attracted and I even pull her to me and she goes with it. Her friend's like "the bf is nearby" But I tell her, "I only need one minute with you and let him wait" This got her suprised. We have some good conversation until the male comes to pull her away. Thinking its the bf, i let her hand go. Turns out it wasn't i don't think. But it might've not been worth it anyhow. Maybe I should focus on easier approach logistics. Alot of the girls i approach seem to have tough logistics in general.

Another situation was a black haired girl whom was interested but her cockblocking friend was a fatty. Tried to diffuse it by dancing with her a bit then back to the girl i liked but then she continued the cockblocking. Its like "Why can't females just let other females have fun?" lol.

I still feeling a surge. Try to stop a tall middle eastern chick with blue pants and a pink top but she keeps walking. Another was a hot blonde but she acted as if had better things to do. These didn't phase me and I just laughed.

Another was a light blonde chick who was talking with her sister, I turn her toward me and she's very attracted. She's all up close and we embrace. But again, bad timing, they're about to go. I should've gone for the number here.

The night ends with Silv leaving with a girl and her friends, while me and Preston are with two black chicks. the one Preston with likes him quite a bit but she's a prude and the other girl was pissed that Silv wasn't into her which made things tough since i wanted things to get going with her. :(. We get pizza and thats it.


1) Got the same surge of confident i had months ago.
2) Lasting longer in sets
3) Better at thinking on the fly in regards to conversation. but its mainly cuz of being relaxed and feeling a burst.
4) Need to be aware of certain situations and focus on approaches to where its more likely to get a ONS vs Just doing it for the hell of it.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wednesday at Union Jack

Was at FFX with a friend of mine at Ozzie's, then Coastal flats. I saw a hottie liked but turned out she wasn't as stunning as i thought but i still wanted to go talk to her.

When i opened her, she smiled but i felt that it was contrived and polite. So then i tried to have conversation, but she was trying to end it as soon as possible. I tried to have her meet my friend but she didn't want to. But thats fine, i was still rusty and my conversation rhythm is off.

NOTE: Feel that attraction for the girl. If you feel a strong desire to meet her, you'll know what to say. Especially if your relaxed and she responds very well. If you feel you have to come up with something, that's when you'll have difficulties. Remember, if a girl is into you...she'll make it easy to have convo with you. If she's not, then it'll be tough. Remember that.

I sober up. Afterwards, I then go off to Union Jack's in Ballston. Honestly, only reason I went was for practice versus actually wanting to get a ONS. The girls are lame here. So many groups, its a worst nightmare for a PUA.

I hesitate to stop this sexy girl i want. By the time i stop her, she's leaving with her friend. Bad timing is all.

The next girl was by the BULL with her friends. I tried to dance with her but she said she was tired. Tried again but no avail

The third girl was cute middle eastern and short i think. I tried to dance, she didn't want to. I was doing some conversation but she wanted to end it.

Fourth was a thick girl whom said she had to go, her friend then tried to cockblock and then i said "I'm not a bad guy" lol.

By the end of the day, i was disappointed for my inabilty to conversate and that i sorta get the uninterest. But remember, it was 4 girls.

Were they above 8s? Well...the 2nd one was but it was bad timing for all of them.


1) Less afraid to approach again but still take too long. Reason, trying to figure out what to talk about for conversation. Plus you didn't do direct with conviction and belief.

2) These girls were a wet blanket of a good time.

3) You bitched out from going up to other ones. You feel inferior.


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas at Barcode


1) Persisted 3 times with 1/2 asian hot chick. It payed off.
2) Overcame fear of being seen as annoying to the girls
3) Learned to relax and feel that super state
4) After a girl rejects the aggressive thing, don't leave. Stay there if she seems attracted. Talk. If she says she's good, wait till later.
5) if its a girl you really really want and it seems you want to persist, just try three times.
6) Always be sure to plan out logistics.
For example, if she's in a big group...find out whats on the agenda for her later in regards to the metro, car, cab, etc. If the logistics suck, then just go for a Day 2. Try to isolate her and if she doesn't want to isolate, figure out why she doesn't want to(Because of friends wanting to keep track of where she is). Then just do things more discreetly. If she's out of town and wont' have time to have her own free time, move on.
7) If a woman is at a hard place to approach, and she isn't making any sort of effort to try to hear you...don't even bother.
8) If a girl mentions she has to go back to her friends, do the usual...but if she wants to get back to them....let her and then go back up to her later.
9) if its a girl you must have, if the logistics are terrible for SNL, just get convo going and then get her contact information after isolating her and what not. Then focus on a girl who's cute that would seem to have more favorable logistics for SNL.
10) Still hesitant to go after a different girl in the same group
11) Conversation, The usual(location), logistics, framing, etc
12) For barcode, isolate to the outside

Friday, November 26, 2010

Vegas Spots

the venetian between 2 am to 5 am
My favorite by far is Encore Beach Club. Tons of hotties and fantastic vibes.

XS was the sickest club I've ever been to. It was $30 and we got there around 9-30 and there was no line.
I pulled from Pure last month, one of my favorites. Fri/Sat: I suggest XS, Tryst, "Palms pass" for ghostbar, playboy club, moon, perfecto/rain

My advise is to plan ahead and get on the guestlist if youre not getting a table with 4 dudes, or split up and talk your way in.

If you don't like paying for the pool, Venetian pool is filled with hotties... and theres like 3 pools.

Stock your room full of alcohol and invite back for the "afterparty"
wed: blue martini
thur: stoneys
fri: tryst
sat: XS
sun: mgm wet republic by day. maybe encore beach since it's new
mon: jet
tues: lavo

that's where the local's will be....

in vegas it doesn't matter what day or where you go... bitches will be there.
Fuck the club scene man, hit the pool party "Rehab" all day on Sunday! it's full of hot ass chicks!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alright, i figured out a way to deal with AMOGs whom the girl will learn toward.

1) Prevent it from happening. Ask a girl if she's with any guys and then introduce yourself to them and have a rapport for a few minutes. When doing this, don't touch the girl. OR just approach the girl when she's away from the group. This will make things much much easier. OR if there are quite a few guys, have one or two wingmen be there closer to the guys to prevent them possibly trying to cockblock.

2) Suppose he puts his arms around them
a) Ignore him-Don't even pay attention to him. Just keep talking to the two girls. But i don't know the likelihood of this.
b) Flirt with him-This will cause him to be uncomfortable.

I'll figure out more things but the thing is, sometimes that stuff happens. Shit does happen that will ruin sets. It all depends on the girl, if she feels too pressured to go with you, there is only so much you can do. That's the reality.

3) Don't give up so easily. Bring it on. Don't falter, despite what he says...don't leave. Challenge him equally and don't stand. But who knows the changes of that.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

8/3 A Thread I forgot to read

Good info on girls who are looking to screw :)

8/3 The Vow!

After going to Dewey Beach, I almost had it! Last second logistics got in the way. If i had my own hotel, it would've been game over! I would've fucked her! I've made a vow, I am going to return to Dewey Beach in September and if i get success at Vegas...i'll then feel confident that things can also be possible there. Hell, Sunday...there were a ton of girls. I just have to be able to handle girls in a tough group logistical set. I can do it! I just focus on the girl i want. Hell, a strategy is to hit on all 4 of them and then pick the one that shows the most interest, if they're all hot!

Just 15 days till Vegas! I'll find out the truth once and for i'm doing and the level i'm currently at. If i can get atleast one lay, I then feel i'm progressing pretty well. If i don't get a lay...then i believe i officially will need to develop a new style. Seriously, Vegas is the SNL Capital of the US. I mean, c'mon....if i can't get a lay in both weekends, then its obvious that to succeed consistently...i'll need to change my style. But even if Vegas doesn't work out, i still won't give up. I might need some time off...but i will still actively game.

In Adonis's next video...i'm going to get him to tell me of the good venues to try. I know there's Excess, the 2nd he mentioned and then Planet Hollywood is definitely an option and other casino bars. :) I'll possibly also hit a strip club one of the days. I think i'm going to get drunk on the strip one of the days as well!

I consider this the final answer i'm looking for. How good have I become? Vegas will be the answer. Till then...

I'm going to possibly game at Guards at Georgetown on Friday or Centreville Bars.
I'm going to just do Hard Rock Cafe on Saturday Night in Manassas.

Then the final week, I'm going to do Eden on Wednesday and Reston Town Center one more try on that Friday. I will also try Ree Ra in Clarendon one of the days as well.

The week of Vegas, i'm going to do McFaddens on Tuesday for one last prep before Vegas!

So my vow is to get one lay at Vegas and once i get it, to get more and then to return to Dewey Beach Mid September and to kill it there!