Thursday, December 29, 2011

Wednesday at Union Jack

Was at FFX with a friend of mine at Ozzie's, then Coastal flats. I saw a hottie liked but turned out she wasn't as stunning as i thought but i still wanted to go talk to her.

When i opened her, she smiled but i felt that it was contrived and polite. So then i tried to have conversation, but she was trying to end it as soon as possible. I tried to have her meet my friend but she didn't want to. But thats fine, i was still rusty and my conversation rhythm is off.

NOTE: Feel that attraction for the girl. If you feel a strong desire to meet her, you'll know what to say. Especially if your relaxed and she responds very well. If you feel you have to come up with something, that's when you'll have difficulties. Remember, if a girl is into you...she'll make it easy to have convo with you. If she's not, then it'll be tough. Remember that.

I sober up. Afterwards, I then go off to Union Jack's in Ballston. Honestly, only reason I went was for practice versus actually wanting to get a ONS. The girls are lame here. So many groups, its a worst nightmare for a PUA.

I hesitate to stop this sexy girl i want. By the time i stop her, she's leaving with her friend. Bad timing is all.

The next girl was by the BULL with her friends. I tried to dance with her but she said she was tired. Tried again but no avail

The third girl was cute middle eastern and short i think. I tried to dance, she didn't want to. I was doing some conversation but she wanted to end it.

Fourth was a thick girl whom said she had to go, her friend then tried to cockblock and then i said "I'm not a bad guy" lol.

By the end of the day, i was disappointed for my inabilty to conversate and that i sorta get the uninterest. But remember, it was 4 girls.

Were they above 8s? Well...the 2nd one was but it was bad timing for all of them.


1) Less afraid to approach again but still take too long. Reason, trying to figure out what to talk about for conversation. Plus you didn't do direct with conviction and belief.

2) These girls were a wet blanket of a good time.

3) You bitched out from going up to other ones. You feel inferior.


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