Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas at Barcode


1) Persisted 3 times with 1/2 asian hot chick. It payed off.
2) Overcame fear of being seen as annoying to the girls
3) Learned to relax and feel that super state
4) After a girl rejects the aggressive thing, don't leave. Stay there if she seems attracted. Talk. If she says she's good, wait till later.
5) if its a girl you really really want and it seems you want to persist, just try three times.
6) Always be sure to plan out logistics.
For example, if she's in a big group...find out whats on the agenda for her later in regards to the metro, car, cab, etc. If the logistics suck, then just go for a Day 2. Try to isolate her and if she doesn't want to isolate, figure out why she doesn't want to(Because of friends wanting to keep track of where she is). Then just do things more discreetly. If she's out of town and wont' have time to have her own free time, move on.
7) If a woman is at a hard place to approach, and she isn't making any sort of effort to try to hear you...don't even bother.
8) If a girl mentions she has to go back to her friends, do the usual...but if she wants to get back to them....let her and then go back up to her later.
9) if its a girl you must have, if the logistics are terrible for SNL, just get convo going and then get her contact information after isolating her and what not. Then focus on a girl who's cute that would seem to have more favorable logistics for SNL.
10) Still hesitant to go after a different girl in the same group
11) Conversation, The usual(location), logistics, framing, etc
12) For barcode, isolate to the outside

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