Thursday, September 23, 2010

Alright, i figured out a way to deal with AMOGs whom the girl will learn toward.

1) Prevent it from happening. Ask a girl if she's with any guys and then introduce yourself to them and have a rapport for a few minutes. When doing this, don't touch the girl. OR just approach the girl when she's away from the group. This will make things much much easier. OR if there are quite a few guys, have one or two wingmen be there closer to the guys to prevent them possibly trying to cockblock.

2) Suppose he puts his arms around them
a) Ignore him-Don't even pay attention to him. Just keep talking to the two girls. But i don't know the likelihood of this.
b) Flirt with him-This will cause him to be uncomfortable.

I'll figure out more things but the thing is, sometimes that stuff happens. Shit does happen that will ruin sets. It all depends on the girl, if she feels too pressured to go with you, there is only so much you can do. That's the reality.

3) Don't give up so easily. Bring it on. Don't falter, despite what he says...don't leave. Challenge him equally and don't stand. But who knows the changes of that.

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