Saturday, July 5, 2008

4th of July: My Faltering Period over?

There's finally a set time with me and the girl for starbucks. Lets see how it goes.

Aright, tonight i decided to just go to the bar and drink quite a bit. Didn't really expect some girls to be there. But mysteriously, more and more were showing up. From what I remember:

1) Was a brunette girl who was giving e/c. She was cute. Had long dark brunette hair. I go up to her, telling her that im gonna talk to her for a few minutes. As i expected, she seemed as if she was aloof...but i could def tell that she was hiding her interest. I could sense it. It took me 15 min to approach her, because she was talking to the Bar Staff and i thought i'd get shit for it. But it turns out, NOT AT ALL. They didn't give a shit. I just talk to her about wanting to go see the fireworks then she gives me a funny look and says, "You missed them. They were an hour ago" I'm like "Awww...this sucks :-\ No!" She laughs a little bit. I decide to eject, just wanted to warm up a little.

2) Was a nice racked brunette with a girl and two other guys. I'm hesitating to go up to her. I think she notices me once. I just go up to her and tell her, "I so find you stunning, i had to let you know" She's playing with her cell phone as if she wasn't intrigued but i could tell that she liked it. I then tell her, that it excites me. I then eject. I then see she notices me later.

Note: Tonight i just wanted to get back in tune with gaming, thats all.

Oh yea, after this...i do a country dance as drunk as i am with a few other guys. It was funny as hell.

3) Was a girl i remember sitting and eating with her and her friend the previous year. We fluff for a few minutes. I'm isolating her and she find the situation weird, cuz i believe most guys hadn't flat out isolated her before. I can sense that she's a little taken back by my dominance, but she's not resisting either. I then play with her hair for a few minutes and eventho she seems a lil weirded out but still she wasn't resisting either. She kept letting me play with it. I then tell her, "I so want to kiss you right now" She tells me that she's got a boyfriend, she can't. I believe her since she did mention having one not too long before. I could've persisted but i was in a drunken state to where i didn't care afterwards.

I do a few more approaches but nothing comes out of it.

Later in the night when we are at our apartment complex, we meet these few guys. 2 black, 1 white. They cool as shit. one of them challenges me to a spar...a slap boxing spar. Lets just say he owned me. He was fast, i missed most of my swings and he didn't miss any. But i did clock him good with one slap, to where he retaliated with one at the temple. Got 3 cuts. I was like, "Yea man...that was intense. Gotta stop now. haha" He told me i was cool as shit and i told him that it was mad fun, that i'd like to challenge him again. If i see him around again, i will. :-D

Tomorrow i'm going to the bar. I have decided in order for me to get better with the game...the first 3-4 approaches, i have to be sober. I'm relying too much on alcohol to relax me and not give a damn about what i talk about. It helped me at one point to relax no doubt...but its only hindering me. I have to be able to relax and not be tense without it. I've made that choice.

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