Saturday, July 19, 2008

7/18 At the Bar of Glory Again!

Hey guys, for today...only did one approach. Was a cute girl with a good bust on a computer. She noticed me in the lab. Earlier in the day, i was under campus helping my co-workers pull fiber cable and as a result, my jeans had some dust in them. Also sucked on a lollypop for a good 20 min, so my tongue was blue. I went in the bathroom trying to clean my teeth from them being blue. I go up to her direct, she is pretty receptive when i go up to her even showing curiosity. I immediately sit down next to her. I'm talking to her for a few minutes, she tells me she's talking to her BF on aim and that she only gets to talk to him only about a couple of times a week. I'm indifferent to it and change the subject, but then she politely tells me that she's gonna keep talking to him...from what she said i could tell she was dedicated and was happy with her relationship. So i decided to eject, but she was friendly tho., two of my friends and one of his gf go surprise our friend on his birthday. We had afew beers there, drank for a bit. I got tipsy. So then after we're there for 4 hours, we decide to all go to the bar.

Tonight i would say was fun. I enjoyed myself.

#1 I see the girl from whom told me she was kinda seeing someone there who's sitting with a girl brunette girl. The kinda seeing someone girl(I'll call her katie, i texted her the previous night about going to starbucks but she didn't reply to it) is of course hotter, and from my entry of the blog from the previous night...i tried to get her to notice me approaching girls, deep down wanting her to have more attraction for me. Validation u could say. But tonight was different, i decided that i didn't need to get it from her, or prove that i'm some kind of playboy. So as i'm gaming her friend sitting next to her, Katie all of a sudden tells me w/o me asking, "Oh im actually dating the guy now...whom i told u about kinda seeing..." I then smile and tell her, "Oh thats fine. I've moved on from that...u do ur thing i do mine.." She was shocked. I could tell she was surprised that i wasn't tryin to pursue her anymore. I felt proud, because some girls believe that when they're pursued they can try to put on the "I'm high value since ur chasing me frame" i didn't fall for it :-). So then i continue talkin to the brunette girl, but she and katie are talking amongst themselves, she wasn't really interested. I leave.

#2 Was a cute curly brunette girl with a pink top. I go up to her, she's pretty receptive. I introduce myself to the group. I isolate her a few feet away, she has this confused expression but nonetheless goes with me. As i'm talking to her, i could tell she still cares what her friends think...she can still see them...eventually after about 3-4 minutes, she ejects and goes back to them telling me in an indecisive manner, "I gotta go". But before she leaves, i try to kiss her but she turned her face.

NOTE: I did fine time, when i isolate i have her back turned from the group. Plus i don't think any guy has done that with her before...hence why she didn't know how to react.

#3 Was a thick brunette with a tongue piercing whom was friends with a sexy brunette girl. They were receptive. I sat down next to her. I kept flirting with the thick brunette, and tried to isolate her but she said she didn't want to. But i could tell that there was some interest, just that she was indecisive sorta in her reactions. After a few minutes, i leave.

#4 Was a curly haired blonde with glasses. I go up to her, the people in the group were people i knew. I try to isolate the blonde girl but she says she's playing pool. After she's done with pool...i then go back there, talk to her for a few minutes, then try to isolate her again, she didn't want to. She was friendly tho. So i decide to leave.

#5 Was this very cute small blonde, she was hot. I originally hesitate to go up to her, as i thought the guy that was talking to her was her bf but it turns out not. I see she's about to go in line, i touch her shoulder and tell her, "I find you so stunning...i'm meeting you right now! :-)" She is pretty receptive, telling me her name is Raven. I then asked her who named her and she told me her mom. I go into that for a minute or two. I flirt with her too, goin into why she's stunning and what not and she's liking it. Then her friend comes and they order drinks, so then i tell her i'll brb. Afew minutes later, i spot her in the same area...i tell her friend im gonna borrow her for afew minutes, and the blonde is coming along but her other blonde friend is following her a little bit, telling me that Raven was 29 years old, married and had two kids. I was like "No! U can't be! I don't believe you!" In an exaggerated manner. They and my friends were all laughing. But her friend said it win a non-cockblockish way, but sounded genuine. I tell Raven thats it s a shame that she was single, and give her a hug.

#6 Was a cute brunette, whom i remember seeing for the first time at the end of my junior year mardi gras party...i thought she was cute. She dated one of the brothers of the fraternity i use to be in, but they broke up. But seeing her tonight, my fucking god...she gained weight but DAMN! It def made her much sexier. I mean, she had double Ds, her face was cute as ever and her outfit, I get a hard on thinking about it. I see her come in and stop her. She remembers me and is excited. I then flirt with her alot. I tell her im loving her hair, playing with it. Her attention is all on me. She then tells me in a approval seeking manner, "It looks good? I wasn't sure if my new haircut would :-)" I tell her, "Are u kidding me? Shut up. I love this look :-)" I can tell she melted. I then check out her tits. She then tells me, "I gained weight :-(" I tell her, "U did? I don't notice it. But all i know that ur body is so sexy" She melts again. Then she says how she has double Ds now, i check them and look back in her eyes. I can tell the interest was pretty good.

So then she tells me to come with her, to help find her friends. I come with her but we can't find them. While she's "leading me" quite a few of the guys i see around are giving me super props. It was hilarious, at first i'm like "hey guys" but then i'm like "Yo guys!" giving them daps. After we can't find them...i tell her that im gonna keep her occupied. Then i decide to do the amazing sadness opener. She kisses my left cheek, right cheek, and then wehn its the lips. She says she's not easy. I tell her, "Wats easy about it? its just a kiss :-)" From what i could tell she wanted to, but didn't want to feel easy. So then we decide to look for her friends again, but a guy spots her. He looks me intently in teh eyes but shakes my hand...i confidentally do the same. She tells me its her bf. After he tells her that he'll be outside, I then ask her if it really is her bf, she says yes. So then i give her a hug and we part ways.

NOTE: This one was pretty good i'd say, worth a try with AS opener.But i'm gonna do it less and less, i don't want to have to rely on it for tryin to kiss close. In the future, i'll prolly try it but less often. I need to kiss close the normal way :-)

#7 Was a thick blonde. She's pretty receptive, i isolate her from the group but i can see one of the buys in there has a somewhat mad look but he aint doin anything. I ask who she's with and she tells me that one of the guys is her bf, and i tell her i give him respect for having enough confidence to trust her and to not be bothered. I could tell she wasn't lying. I've gotten better with girls being genuine or not...if anyone wants to ask how i know. She was happy i said what i said. So then i decide to part ways.

#8 Try to dance with this hot blonde girl, but one of the cool ass acquiantances i know taps my shoulder and tells me its his girl. I feel a little bad and say, "Oh my bad dude...i had no idea :-)" He smiles and says that its cool. After i feel a little bad for some reason, later in the night he taps my shoulder saying watsup and shit. I felt better. I guess i felt bad, because i didn't want to seem like a scumball and shit, but nah it was in my mind.

#9 Was a cute black chick. I go up to her, she's receptive, but says she doesn't want to dance. She then waves to me a few minutes later but i act like i don't notice it, go up to her agian, she says before i even say something that she doesn't want to dance, i tell her "I don't care about dancing...i want to talk" So then im talking wiht her for a minute or too. She then intoduces me to her other black friends. She was the best looking one tho. Then a guy introduces himself, and she says its her bf. He tells me that she's evil and the relationship is almost done. I laugh my ass off. He was a super mad chill black dude, he said it in a manner that he actually didn't want to date her anymore, as if he didn't care if i got her that night from my impressions.

Earlier in the night, i introduce my friend to a hot blonde with glasses i tried gaming he said he liked her out of the three...but he was at a blank for words when i had her go up to him. lol.

Tonight i had drinks and shit but the alcohol didn't matter at all. I didn't feel it. I was at a good state the whole night. Each of us bought each other shots, and pitchers and shit. Oh yea, puked out Jager considering how much i hate it...and how i can't stand it. Having barf breath prevented me from going up to one last woman i def wanted to but my mouth smelled like shit. I did my first few sets without alcohol and it didn't really affect my i don't consider this cheating with the 2 beer limit. The only time i consider it cheating is when i actively drink beer to relax me past 2. I would say also my isolation is def improving, my plowing is better, im going for kisses more these days. I have to say the girls who are in groups def notice me and give some IOIs, but are usually still giving resistence when i try to flat out game them not wanting to isolate(Im not gonna work to death to get these girls...i aint gonna try THAT hard, there are too many others who are just as hot if not more whom i can seduce without as much effort) The only issue with tonight was that most of the girls were with their bfs. Some weren't but most were. How could i tell? A person who is usually telling the truth will nonchalanty look u in the eye and say it. An untruthful person won't look u in the eye or will look at u but it be more try hard. I have to say thats another intuition of mine that i've gained in the game :-).

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