Sunday, July 13, 2008

7/12 "I'm here with my bf"

Aright for today, i managed to find one girl at the lab during the day. Takes me about 10 min, cuz im kinda debating if i really into her or not plus there was a guy i've seen around, who i cared what he thought. I go up to her, go direct, she tells me she's married genuinely. I talk to her for another minute and part ways. She was cute, had mickey mouse like buns for hair, looked like an outdoor girl. Was aright looking. Liked that she had toned arms.

Tonight i would say was kinda funny.

#1 was a long haired cute brunette girl. She's pretty receptive. Got kino in. She's sitting by herself in one of the seats. I was thinking, "Who's she with?" But i just game as usual. I go into her earrings and i touch them, playing with them. She's like "oh does it look like a heart?" I'm like " sorta does :-p" She's then like, "Wouldn't it look weird?" haha. I then go into her hair also, stroking it.
Its going great, until i see a guy comes over to sit down. Turns out that its her bf...but he was mad like 'Awww...thats a shame' He's like "Yea...guess it sucks" We all laugh. He's a really cool guy though.

#2 Were two girls sitting by the bar. Both cute, but i liked the thicker one. She was receptive. I told her she was cute and she smiled. I just talked about random bullshit with her and her friend, then i told the friend "I'm gonna borrow for a second" and i took the girl i liked's hand and told her that we're goin a few feet away. She was resisting a lil asking, "Where are we going?" I told her just over there and then her friend told her that she's gotta stay here. I could tell it was the friend's influence. So i guess that was the end of the interaction...that i ejected...


I decided to stop ejecting so much. I stayed there. I then told both of them, "I bet this is the 3rd time u guys have been here" They were shocked, and gave me a suspicious look like, "How did u know that?" I told them with a smile, "Just a guess..." The friend told me it was her third time and the target told me that she been there too many times. I then play with her hair, and i tell her to feel mine, whatever much of it she can feel. haha. Afterwards, i then tell the target girl "Aright, since i knwo where ur from...i'm giving u 3 guesses and if u get them all wrong...u got to give me a kiss on the cheek" She then says she doesn't want to guess. Guess its time to end it here..


I ignored it and said first guess. She attempted it 3 times. I then pointed to my cheek and said, "Aright...time to give it to me" She's like "haha nah" I then saw that i tried afew more times but she didnt' want to. I then decide to end the interaction.

NOTE: Here i def improved with persistence...but next time i should go for the isolation again or go for the kiss in general. But not too shabby. OR Keep talking. But i didn't think nothing would develop further.

#3 Aright this one was funny too. Aright, i see this blonde with a nice rack, fishbowl eyes, whom i've seen at the gym. Her rack was nice and she had a yellow dress on. Her friend is meh. I go up to her saying i've seen her around quite often at the gym. She's netural reacted in terms of me going over there. I address the friend after. I dunno what i was on, but i just plowed for this. The mother hen all of a sudden told me, "Here's the pitcher...fill it up for us" I told them "U guys have to earn me filling up the pitcher" They're shocked by this. I then tell them, "How about u get me one? :-)" After this, the mother hen told me "Bye" Doing a hand gesture of me going away. BUT I DIDN'T LEAVE...I stayed.

I ask where she's from, she tells me Roanoke in a "Why are u still here? manner" I then tell her, "Ahh...people tell me Salem is near Roanoke all the time and vice versa" I then ask her, "how many gays are in Roanoke?" The girl i wanted was laughing quite hard and the mother hen was like giving me a confused, defensive expression. After a minute, i then decided to eject.

NOTE: Here after i went through the pitcher shit, i then just talk to the girl i wanted. But hey, lesson learned :-)

Afterwards, that last approach had me feel down. I felt the "Shame" feeling that i sucked. It took me about 10-15 minutes to rethink that i am still doing fine. Said whatsup to people i still knew. I was still feelin a lil vulernable to negative reactions, since i assumed if i said something and somewhat would just say one word and not respond after...i'd take it more to heart. But then after that...i felt fine again and ready to game somemore.

#4 This was during while i was feeling a lil down. Was a short haired thin girl a fellow acquiantenance was talking to. I just talked with her for a minute, since i was feeling a lil reactive to whatever someone would say...after she seemed aloof...i then decided to rethink. After i was good and back to go, she gave the same reaction, but i kept talking to her. I notice she had a redhighlight, and tell her how i find it cool. She was neutral still, opening up a little. She had short hair, was kinda cute. I then ask her, " u like ur hair longer or shorter?" She tells me she's getting use to it shorter. I then tell her it matches her face, cuz sometimes people will have certain hairstyles. I see the other guy was still gaming her, plus i wasn't getting much from her nor didn't really care to try any further...i decided to end it.

#5 Were two girls walking, i stopped one of them, was an asian girl. Told her i wanted to talk to her. She was aright...her friend tho had a gut...but had big boobs and her cleavage was showing and i liked what i saw. I could tell the asian girl was jealous and tried to cockblock quite a bit. She was like "You can't talk to her" and whatever bullshit. I then overhear her say that she wants to talk to a guy. HAHA. I then kinda left. But after a minute, i see them in the pool area and decide to keep going. I go back up to the girl i like who's still with the friend, i can tell she's holding back her interest...cuz of the friend. The friend isn't tryin to sabotage me as much since im pretty much not acknowledging her really. I then tell the target girl, "Hey lets dance" She's like "Nah i don't dance" I'm tryin to persuade her like, "'d only be for a i bet u want to ;-)" She's thinking about it but doesn't want to.

Funny is that i see her and her friend talking to other guys....

PAST REACTION A FEW YEARS AGO I then thought that those guys are doing better than me, since both of them seem more receptive to them than to me.

CURRENT REACTION I then saw but realized that most guys don't pull at the bar, and that if they pulled...props to them. Also that i wanted to up things rather than play it safe sometimes.

#6 Was a pretty faced tall brunette girl. She was hot. I look at her mesmerized and she notices me and smiles. I go up to her and tell her she's stunning, she smiles and i pull her one step down...she's like "I can' waiting for my bf" I'm like "aww..thats a shame :-) Atleast let me know ur name." She tells me its like "DANA?! Wow! I couldn't recognize u. Ur hair is darker and u don't got braces no more" She laughs and was surprised that i didn't recognize her.

#7 Was another girl that looked familiar but i couldn't quite place where. Stopped her. Opened her with cute. She was receptive...find out again that she was a girl i met before but looked different. She says she's going back to her table...i then invite myself with her and she mentioned her bf is sitting there. I was like "Ahh...bummer :-p" She laughed and she was telling the truth.

I did two more sets, one of them i opened kinda indirectly tho it was a group and i was hesitant. I opened the guy first saying whats up to him. He's chill. I then talk to the girl i wanted. Turns out that the guy was dating the other girl in the set. The girl was receptive. We just talked for about 10 minutes. About the bar, that she looked russian, how come i didn't see her before, how cute she looked, other stuff. Then i find out her bf is a friend of the bar owner. But i decided to keep going. I then invite her to go back to my place to drink with my roommate and me. But she declined saying that she's with her bf and stuff. But hey, was worth a try. :-). The other only lasted a minute, not worth mentioning.

All in all, not too bad of a night, but there could've been more girls to go up to. Saw the gorgeous brunette again. Oh yea, saw the sexy blonde and her friend the sexy brunette again...but i kinda hesitated to try to game them again, believing that i wouldn't get far. BUT, thats not true. I just go at with one of them next week :-)
I'm glad that not getting a kiss didn't bother me, i was glad i improved in other areas. Maybe there weren't as many girls as there could've been but hey, its all good. :-)

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