Sunday, July 13, 2008

7/13 Today Approaches

Texted the incoming freshman girl who was there for orientation last week. She responsed, texted back and forth. Flirted with her a bit and stuff. I'd say the interest is there still.

Saw one of the hot girls from the last two nights in the library, tries to remember my name. She's studying for accounting and shit. I am just right to the point with her, i tell her that we're gonna have starbucks the next day. She gives me a curious look and says, "We? :-)" I'm like, "yea tomorrow :-)" She tells me that she can't as she'll be working on the takehome test. I then ask her when she's free and she tells me she's not sure. I tell her i'll hit her up during the week to find out as i find her cute and that i want to get to know her, she then says that she's kinda seeing someone and i said thats fine and get her number. I call hers so she's got mine.
I look her name up on facebook and it says she's single.

1) As i'm leaving the library, i see a tall other cute girl with shades, i just say hi to her and she says hi back. I hesitated to stop her and direct game her, cuz the girl i got a number from not to long ago was also outside and i kinda "feared" that if she saw me gaming another girl that my chances w/ her would be gone...but after i was walking, i didn't give a shit. I was like, "I'll risk it" So then i go in the library, i notice her with her shades off and she's cute ;-). I go to the bathroom first and "appear" that i lost something which is excuser behavior. I then just flat out go up to her and tell her "Before i leave, i have to talk to u cuz ur cute :-)" She smiles and we get introductions. From what im getting as a reaction from her, it seems she's occupied but i just chat her up about wine(Wat she was researching),etc. I then tell her, "Tell me about urself" She is unsure what to say. I then ask her where she's from and she says, "Charlottesville".

I then go into how they're stuck up and what not and she is opening up saying the students are but not the townies. I laugh a lil bit. She then tells me that she's only on campus just this once and is meeting up with her group. Also tells me about her being in the master's program. I give her daps. I then tell her, "Hey...lets go to starbucks when ur back on campus" She's like "Aright...but im not on campus much" I tell her i'll hit her up. I then tell her to give me her number. She says she doesn't give it out. I tell her, "U can this time :-)" She tells me she had a bad experience the last time with it. I tell her that u'll never know this time, it'll be a good one. I think she was a lil surprised by my confidence with it, but she declined again in a nice manner. I then just get her email.

2) At the lab. There's a small cute frizzy haired brunette girl. When i notice her, i feel turned on. I go up to her, telling her that i'm gonna talk with her for a few minutes. In the lab, for a minute, just joke abou the class she's taking and shit. Then I ask about herself. We have good rapport, find out she likes hippie music, tease her about being a hippie, and then give her daps. I go into how i've always wanted to go to a festival. She says that it can get dirty :-p. I tell her that's where the fun is, ur out there for a few days and get to jam and have an overall good time. I then tell her that i want to talk to her somemore. I ask her waht time she has class the next day. She tells me in the morning. I tell her after class, that we're gonna have starbucks together. She says sure. I get her number and then i leave the lab. I leave the lab, because i believed a lil bit that it might've looked bad if she saw me again after i just got her number but it was nonsense as i say bye to her again after i leave the lab and she says bye in a friendly way.

3)Funny tho, i still wanted to go surf the net, so i decide to go to the library...but the funny thing is that there are some girls to go up to. I notice 3 girls i can go up to. A pretty faced brunette who notices me, a shothaired redhead with glasses(;-) how can i pass up a redhead with glasses?) and a blonde who was next to the brunette. It was a hard choice. I was thinking the brunette, but then i figure i like redheads that i choose the redhead. I'm sitting at the computer next to hers. I take a good look at her and yea, she's cute :-)

As she's leaving, i tell her, "Don't leave" She says, "Why? :-)" I tell her becuase i find her cute and i want to talk to her. She says "But i have to go :-)" I tell her, "It'll only be a minute" Then i notice she sits down. I liked talking to her, she had her attention to me, and the convo was easy. Went into how i liked her wearing glasses, and how i always slept with contact on. Find out she from the beach and go into how almost everyone i knew there were tourists and that only like 1-2 people actually lived there that i met. She could've left at any time but she stayed. Told her to take her glasses off and yep...was cute as i expected. I gave her a devilish smile. She smiled. We talk for a few more minutes and then invite her to drink at starbucks. She tells me "At night?" I tell her "Nah the day :-p" So then we plan Wednesday at 9AM before she goes off to work. I'd say her interest was good :-)

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