Wednesday, July 16, 2008

7/16 Plans For Thursday Night

Aright everyone i'll start off with what happened today.
Found out the previous night that the redhead's number was that was def a flake. Called the brunette girl to tell her that i couldn't make it, since i was pretty occupied. Also saw the girl who flaked monday. Turns out she told me she had a doctor's appointment. I then tell her that the next day we'll be doing it, she agreed. So we'll see if it happens or not.

Aright now, only two weekends left before i leave uni. Aright, i'm gonna go into the drills i'm gonna do thursday:

1) More kiss closing. If i get rejected off an isolation, I'll stick there and go for it even if the group is nearby.

2) When im about to kiss a girl, i have to look at her deep in the eyes, and have sexual breathing.. Also to increase my sexual state even more. Its coming alive now and then, but its got to be stronger. I want to be at the point where im really horny when im talking to the girl. So far there was one girl this semester, whom i truly felt that state and i def know...kissing her def would've been a good idea now that I think about it.

3) When i'm able to isolate three girls or however many i can, im gonna make sexual comments imply that i want to have sex with her. This can range from:
"Can't wait till i take these clothes off of you" or "You have no idea of the things that i want to do to you tonight" or "You're coming back with me tonight" etc

4) Atleast one extraction attempt as got to be just "Its time to leave...lets have more fun out of here"

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