Friday, July 25, 2008

7/22-7/25 Day Game Updates

Aright guys, for the past two days, haven't really approached. Stopped a jailbait who was part of the 1000s of unitarians on campus that have been there for a week. Turns out she was 16, i think she was interested...her reactions were like she didn't know how to react but was laughing a few times. She even said, "Oh...afew other guys said the same thing(about her looking older)" I told her, "Well..i'll be the 4th :-)" She laughs. I just walk with her around campus. She was hot too, shame she wasn't 2 years older.

The insta date girl didn't respond to my phone calls, so she's NEXT. The girl i went on a date the previous week...i tried to call answer...i left a message too. She's NEXT.

The Girl whom i wanted to see Batman with, and whom i had my 2nd ever day 2 off of a cold approach, was gonna have her come over. We make a time for her to come over, also mention that we can have 1 on 1 time. She says she'll try, as she's got a dinner she promised to go to. This is Friday. I text her telling her to be there by 9. At 8:30, she calls me saying how she can't make it, that its gonna be longer, i tell her that i give her a good deal of respect, because she let me know ahead of time and that its too bad we couldn't have alone time. She says that we can still "hang out" in the fall and i tell her thats a possibility :-).

This week i lost my contact lenses and couldn't see worth a shit. I then from the distance seem a cute long haired brunette. As we walk past each other, i tell myself "go for it" So then i say "Stop! :-)" She hears me and turns around. I go up to her. I go direct on her. She's receptive but at the same time...i could tell she didn't know how to react to the situation. I assumed her e/c was of the suspicious nature, which caught me off guard a little. But i stayed calm. We talked fora few minutes, was another Unitarian girl haha.

On Friday, there's this flat out adorable/cute small brunette with very nice cleavage ;-). She's walking beside me, tell her stop and that i find her cute and that i'm gonna talk to her. She is very receptive, saying im a handsome guy. I tell her, "U just brightened my day up." She then says we should down near the nearest table at the terrece shops. She's another unitarian girl. The rapport was very good. We talked about lots of stuff. Lasted about 15 minutes. She told me she had a bf, but STILL wanted to sit and talk with me. I could tell there was a good deal of attraction between us. Her bf calls her about if she's packed and stuff. She acts annoyed and in the manner that she wanted to end the call. We into a little bit about religion, partying, schools, and we did some flirting. She said she was goin to tube out in the river and stuff with her group, we part ways. At the end she says "Goodbye hot guy :-)" I tell her, "Likewise hot girl ;-)" We hug and i kiss her on the cheek and we part ways.

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