Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Aright today nothing much really happened. But i did some approaches.

The first was a curly haired blonde. She was walking, took me a little while for her to hear, since she had headphones. I go direct, and she's laughing a lil bit. I'm talking to her a few minutes, afterwards...i invite her to have starbucks with me but i find out she's engaged and living with her bf and she's leaving in a few weeks. Plus she said it genuinely too.

The second was a blonde who was at the university bookstore. Before hand, we hold eye contact with each other for a few seconds. After i pick up glue and markers, i go up to her. She's pretty receptive. Just ask how her she thinks of the uni, and i have her tell me about herself. Find out she lives closeby and i forget what else. I then tell her that i'd like to see her again during the fall(She was on break from Transfer Student Orientation), i then tell her to give me her number. She says she can't and that she has something of a boyfriend, but she said this in a funny way. I then tell her, thats fine...then i take my phone out and then im dialing the area code and telling her "Ok...ur number is XXX...." and then she says she can't, that she has a boyfriend, so i decided that there was no need to persist anymore since she brought it up again. I try one more time, but she declines again, i tell her that it was good talking to her.

The third approach was a gorgeous girl, she had a white/blue/green dress with shades and brunette curly hair. She was hot. She's walking ahead of me, i tell her stop a few times and she hears me. I tell her, "I find you so stunning, i have to talk to you :-)" She laughs a lil in disbelief, and i then tell her that i really liked her dress, that it caught my eye. She says that its old, and then i ask her how old and she says its a year and i'm like "A year aint old :-p" I then have her tell me about herself. She just talks about her major and that was it. She then asks me about me. I tell her i'm from Boston and that i lost my twang quite a bit ago. I then joke with her that i like long walks in the beach and watching sunsets. She looked at me in the eyes while i said this, but i looked back at her. For this approach, i was a little out of it plus i believe i came off a lil nervous, as i think i was talking a lil fast. Then after another minute or two, i tell her that we should have starbucks, she tells me after 11:00 Am she's free...but i tell her to give me her number just in case something happens. For this approach, i didn't sense that she was THAT genuinely interested, that she was being polite. But who knows.

The fourth approach, was a blonde with her dog that i saw earlier. Turns out that she was a girl i approached before that she told me from what i could tell, she still seem flattered that i went up to her, even if she heard the same opening words i told her before. But we just had funny chit chat for a minute.

The fifth approach was a cute brunette with a pretty face in the lab with midlength hair. Before i go up to her, im drunk as i was at the bar before. Im not afraid to go up to her, im just afraid that she'd know i was drunk and i'd get a negative reaction, but it wasn't the case. I went up to her, opened direct, she laughed in disbelief. I forget how the interaction went but i find out she does have a bf, i persist in meeting up with her at starbucks but she says sorry. I believed she was genuine with this. Usually i can tell if a girl sometimes can be faking it, depending on if they're looking at u while saying it plus if they go into detail. Usually fibbers will say it in an aloof manner, but then they don't bring it up again if u persist.

All in all, not too bad for the day i'd say.

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