Sunday, February 22, 2009

More on Logistics from SINN

Logistics are really what separates the men from the boys, so to speak.

In your scenario, the odds were already against you.

She's staying at a coworker's house, they have something to do the next morning, and they were tired...

I would not even try to pull a set with those logistics, I'd get a phone number and go try to find another girl with better logistics.

The Magic logistics gathering questions are:

What's on the agenda for later?- This is the equivalent of "wanna fuck?" in modern barspeak. Plus it lets you seed the pull for later. I use this in the first 10 minutes EVERYTIME.

Did you guys meet here or come together?- You have to find out what the travel situation is. Ideally they met at the venue and the girl you're interested in drove herself.

Do you have work tomorrow?- Let's you find out how late she can reasonably stay up.

In your specific situation Steve, you would want to use Captain Jack ('s classic line,

" You guys are leaving already? I'm so not ready for my night to end."

Then I would have asked the girls to drive me to my car and directed them out of the bar's parking lot towards my place. You never want to go to a girl's place if you can avoid it.

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