Thursday, September 3, 2009

These Past few Months

Last year i updated this blog quite the shitload, but this year i barely update it at all. For the past 5 months I've figured some stuff of it:

1) M1 is the easiest way to find out the girls who are genuinely into u and are deep down interested in the idea of u and her having sex

2) For night game, i've gotten closer to sex when i was upfront than when i regular direct

3) Turns out at the area i work and the area I live...barely any single available women i swear

4) I've gotten two complains from the mall(1 of them the security guard supported wat i was doing and called it off),(the other...a different security guard asked me to leave), and one girl complained about me in an arts and crafts store. But these women were most likely pretenders of some sort. Why go through these lengths when in fact i walked away when she declined(Hell one of them i was leaving the building)...its as if those women wanted the security guards to justify them being wholesome or something.

5) Was amazing how certain girls got turned on by the idea of us fucking

6) More women took me seriously. When i was regular direct, its more like they treated as they feel good about themselves but never took the idea of me and her doing something seriously, when I was M1...they def took it seriously and although they felt alot better to be declined when my full intentions were out there.

7) One girl agreed to fuck the next day when i called her and she answered, but i had car trouble to where she called me a week later...but then pulled the "I'm looking for a relationship" bullshit. It was too long of a time length to where i didn't want anything serious and there be a possibility she'd then withhold the sex.

8) I haven't met up with any girls after being M1 compared to when i was direct, but honestly...i was tired of girls meeting up but not giving a damn about us meeting up n trying to treat it as something to relieve their boredom and that was it, nothing more. Afew had bf's, while others were just killing time...i was tired of such b.s. meetups that being upfront helped me not deal with that B.S. I'm not looking for a girlfriend either so why in the hell should i meetup with a girl n spent time and energy? Its either we fuck or i don't care to meet up.

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Superman said...

Love the mode one attitude. I wanna try out it one of these days...I'm getting tired of all these games.