Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm Back

I haven't updated this blasted thing in a very long time lol.

On around March 24th, I finally relieved my 5 and a half year curse with a girl i met online, who was big. At first I did want to bone her and ate her out, but the fact that she refused to give me head...killed my mood. i thought it was getting limp with a condom, but its just i didn't get enough stimulation. How are you going to enjoy sex when only one party is stimulated, while the other isn't? But during that time, i had trouble getting hard, although I put it inside for a few seconds...but couldn't keep it in there. Didn't really feel much :(

But after that, from that day to now...I haven't gotten "true" results. I don't really count that toward progress in my pickup life. Sex life, course cuz that frustration of the curse is over, now its more or less this.

But here's a list of what I did:

August-September: End of M1, reverting to PG-13 M1
October: Started back up with regular direct.
November: Car pull at ESL, Met Arie. Did Horizon's coaching
December: Almost screwed the Kazak milf but at the last second, she bailed. Online date with black girl.
January: Coaching with TerminateHer, and PrettyBoy
February - March: Fingered a girl my brother knew, did a bathroom pull with Big Girl at the Park, An online date or two
March: 2 online dates and had libido problems with 1.
April: A Couple Day 2s.

The Phases:

The Cub(TouchinTheNightSky)-Before I did M1 but first stepped in the real world.
Upfront Steven-When I did M1.
Final Style(TheWolfHowls)-After I did M1, but returned to doing direct but picked up on experience.
Wolf Steven-Once i did TerminateHer's coaching, i found some of my flaws but after a few months, i still had some.

My Current Pros:

+Opening-Can Still Open just fine
+Escalation-Definitely fine
+AMOG-Bothers me less. Hard for a guy to tool me.
+Limited logistics, i've functioned.

My Current Cons:

-Can't successfully fuck a girl for the night
-Some of my sets don't last long enough
-Day 2s have been BLEH. Girls who came out weren't looking to fuck that night.
-Can't seem to be aware of girls wanting to leave/logistics i have issues with.
-More aggressive AMOGs

So then, I've decided that it is time for me to step things up. My goal in this is to have ONS's and to pull from Day Game as well.

the Breakthrough moments:

1) To Do Something about it(Beginning of taking action)

Quadfest 2006
ZTA Girl in my class
Jean and her friend in their dorms, when i visited them.

2) I want to quit!(Beginning of Consistency)

Unable to bed Yasi
Unable to screw a girl at my frat parties
Couldn't get Danielle Reynolds when she wanted it
When I couldn't seal the deal with Martha

3) I aint going anywhere, I need help(Beginning of M1)

Was having trouble doing stuff
Regular style i felt hindered me

4) Do I really care to be upfront?(Returning to Direct)

Seeing Z with a 32 year old woman and them talking. She was hot.
Only caring for results

Right now I'm at #5

"Right now, I'm not getting results that I at least feel are making enough progress."

This can't be my limit. Others are doing fine, this can't be it. Will I forever struggle pulling? If the guy at SDB got 4 girls in 6 weeks...I can do it too! That's where I should be. Even 1 girl a month would be fine for me. LiveForever also has been doing quite well. Eric has been doing quite well. 12 girls in a couple years is fine. But me, i don't count the girl online in terms of pickup but only for me getting rid of the curse. If i want to get solid results, I have to do better than this. TerminateHer's coaching helped me with some things, but it still isn't enough. I looked up 60 years of challenge stuff and after reading and listening to it, it seems to be quite good. I'm recognizing more of my mistakes.

What Zengame told me about those two MILFs has haunted me, because its like "How would I had known? She wasn't complying with moving away from her friend and now all of a sudden...she's jealous because I'm talking to a different girl". But that, plus the group situation of the hot indian girl with her indian friend and the fatty...i then realized what I can improve on.

Starbuck's advise was pretty spot on too as well the advice on Badboy's forum. For a bit, I didn't press for the close much and stayed aloof but with that, nothing changed. Its like " getting alot more kisses and some makeouts but is this it? Am I doing this for TerminateHer and PrettyBoy's satisfaction? or my own?"

I then realized at Radford, the past where I couldn't do anything, i figured nothing would've happened even if i tried with the knowledge I have now. I thought that at first but in reality, we'll never know. The Martha situation i would've boned her. My freshman and especially sophmore year, I wanted to do something about it...but couldn't at that time. Ever since then, I've been on this road.

It is satisfying to know that I am doing something about all this. I believe once it happens the first three times, things will skyrocket.

My Gameplan:

Alright now. My gameplan is to find the girl who seems to want to go home. I remember at Cafe Citron and that hot as hell 24 year old latina girl...she wanted to get fucked that night. All I had to do in that situation was stick with with her...taking in account her mentioning the husband is just resistence and can be overpowered. I didn't stick because I was afraid I was seen as a needy follower, which wasn't the case at all. Her older sister, looked at me in the manner of "Wow...this guy seems to be good with women." Another situation was the swedish blonde girl. I did get kicked out of that place, but then it hit me that if i did things right, i might've been able to leave with her. Her male friend with glasses didn't give a rats ass what i was doing with her.

Looking back by those scenarios, those are the girls I definitely want to pull. And to get there, my gameplan needs to change.

My overall game is fine. My style and everything. But my awareness was lacking. So now I believe I have the full out tools and awareness to carry this out. I need to stick with what I know but also add what I don't know. Its like trying to find a fighter to defeat Floyd Mayweather. Nazim Richardson had the perfect game plan but Mosley wasn't the best fighter to carry it out. I'm the opposite, I am the perfect guy to carry it out, but my trainer isn't the best. That trainer I have is the experience i've collected.

Its time i have the closer mentality full out. Course I remain aloof to the results BUT i still go for it more often. The only way I'm going to get it is to screen more women i talk to.

My Gameplan:


10pm - 12am: Do my thing, do what i can...find out if they're going anywhere else. Get the number i guess...keep sexual tension alive. If they are gonna be distracted, go up to them later.

12am: Really look out for girls who aren't going anywhere. Go for bathroom or car pulls if the venue is good for that.

Day time, do Georgetown and Dupont for now.

If i'm not able to isolate the girl for the time being but she's still the 60 years of challenge stuff.

Here is my shout out to the world!


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