Monday, May 24, 2010

Upcoming Plans and Sky's Thoughts

Alright, lets first start with Sky's Thoughts.

After going out this weekend, I learned vital information.

#1 Each girl you approach, your screening for the one you'll take home.

60 Years of Challenge, Month 1: Escalating the Vibe

#2 Seed for SNLs to where you have the eatery place or a hookah/Carpulls with the CD you have in your car. Then once there's an it's on moment, then proceed to have her come with you. If she makes an objection but hasn't gone anywhere, wait a little bit...then try again.

#3 For setting up Day 2s, initiate a sexual frame from the beginning and keep that up with texts. Hopefully Quick kill's seminar is on to where then I can learn how to do this. Live Forever mentioned being aggressive in Day 2's, so that the frame doesn't shift to being slow. I'm not looking to make these girls my girlfriends, so why should I meet up so many times? This is for girls I've pecked on the lips, for ones i had no physical contact...i am in close proximity and proceed to escalate.

#4 For girls that keep wanting to stay with their friends, don't even try too much. Just hang out with them for a bit, then get her alone. If worst come to worst, just get a number or re-approach her later. Seed. Remember, your looking for the one who wants to fuck.

Remember, if the girl doesn't have enough compliance to where she wants to be alone with you for a while, move on.

Events This Week

Wednesday: Quick Kill's Seminar
Thursday: Possibly The International DC Happy Hour
Friday: Federal Hill(Baltimore)
Saturday: ??????
Sunday: ???????

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