Saturday, May 29, 2010

Places This Summer

Federal Hill College Bar Scene, if I'm going to do it again...i stay in the lower key bar area. Earlier in the night was good but later on, it was bleh.

Bourbon Street(Baltimore)-Did the rave there, but haven't done much bars yet.
Fells Point(Baltimore)-Seems like a promising spot from what I hear.
Canton(Baltimore)-I plan to do this area again at some point.
Old Town Alexandria-Prasant told me about it, we'll see!
Clarendon Ballroom-Going to do more Arlington.
Annapolis-Nutz said it was pretty good, will see!
Reston Town Center-Cougarville, got to do it on a Friday again.
Adams Morgan-Seems like a great pickup spot, will check it out.

Weekend Bar Schedule:
Adams Morgan, tonight...if its great...i'll be doing it once a week on a Saturday.
Reston Town Center. 6/11
Fells Point. 6/12

I'm probably going to do Current Night Club and Lima on the weekdays. Weekend is also reserved for Day 2's.

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