Saturday, May 29, 2010

Leading to the Bedroom break down

1. Manage Logistics

When taking a girl home the same night, your biggest hurdle is going to be logistics. This is something you need to consider BEFORE you even step out of your door.

I've noticed that. Typically MisterB and others have great logistics. Some of the sets i run, the logistics to leave with the girl are tough as nails.

Where are you staying?
Your place:
Is it close to the bars? Do you have easy transportation to your place?

Friend’s Place:
Do you have a key? How are you going to get there? Do you have a room/couch for isolation?

Don’t forget multiple room keys. How do you plan to isolate her if there isn’t a separate room? Make sure your bed is made ;)

These 3 I don't have although a hotel is an option but i dont want to have to do a hotel each time.

2. Have the right mindset

The most CONSISTENT approach is to determine RIGHT OFF THE BAT what your goal is for the night.

For one night stands, a more assertive, “go for broke” style works best. You want to set the frame of “This is going down tonight!” with every girl you meet.

I need to do this a bit more even though I do it quite a bit.

Screen right off the bat to see if it is even possible. Go into every interaction with a hard core screening frame.

For me that means these golden words within the first five minutes…

“So, what are you up to later?”

Bad Responses:
-“Ahh… Well… I’m the designated driver, so I’m just hanging with my friends for a bit then heading home with them.”

-“I’m staying with my brother, just visiting my family for the weekend.”

-“I am showing my friends a good time, then we are all crashing at my place 30 minutes away.”

Yea, typically i've been doing more of this lately. Most girls will say they're going to go home BUT its also good motivation for venue/car pulls.

It doesn’t matter how attractive she is, or how much she loves you. These situations are going to be very hard to work through, so I’ll usually just try and find another girl.

Abundance Mindset!

So very true or what i can do is text her and what not using Quick Kill's texting stategies.

The anomaly to these situations is getting creative and trying to isolate her in a bathroom or a back alley. These make for great stories, but again, aren’t usually the easiest logistically to pull, and we are going for consistency here…
Its funny because I have had a much easier time pulling in a bathroom or a car, than leaving with her.

Good Responses:
-“Looking for a party!”
-“Whatever, what are your plans?”
-“Who knows, we’ll see where the night leads me…”

Obviously these are great answers. Look to lead in these situations and push the interaction as quickly as you can.

Yea, typically...these answers are awesome and almost every time the girl has said it..she was looking for something.

For example. The girl at local 16. Another example, the drunk girl at halloween. Another example, the girl at esl but i was incongruent at the time.

3. Convey yourself as the “sex-worthy” guy

You want to convey PHYSICALLY that you are a man that TAKES WHAT HE WANTS and isn’t held back by social constraints.

Get physical right off the bat and KEEP ESCALATING. Do this until it leads to a SHORT makeout.

WARNING: Don’t become the tacky makeout guy!

Yes! I definitely do this! Girls even note that I am touchy but you just keep going with it and do not stop.

You want to break the makeout first, don’t release the sexual tension!

You need to lead her conversationally also. To lead things in a sexual direction I like using the tried and trusted “push-pull” technique.

“What are you doing to me?! I was just trying to have a good night out with my friends, and you got me all hot and bothered!”

I do this too, but its times where its not a sexual vibe...create it. Talk about sexual things and even if it feels awkward, touch her sensually.

As the night progresses and it looks more and more like she is down to hookup, I’ll escalate to even bolder statements. Here’s an example:

“You don’t even want to know what I’m thinking of doing to you right now.”

I use to do this, but i will again.

This gives you an opportunity to see how receptive she is towards going home with you. Based on her response, you will be able to see if she is ready to leave, or if you need to build more trust and comfort first.
60 Years of Challenge and Badboy say the same thing. Sure, after doing M1 I was afraid of losing girls if i did this but ABUNDANCE! Honestly, you know officially, a girl who wants dick won't dismiss the idea full out, she may resist a little bit or try to act like she hates that stuff but is looking at you with hungry or longing eyes.

4. Prepare for Paydirt

To help mitigate resistance later on, I found it helpful to qualify the girl after we have had a strong connection. Give her reasons for why you like her besides what’s between her legs. Just find three things that you really appreciate about her. Something like:

“You know, you are the first girl tonight that I have actually been able to have a decent conversation with. I’m glad we met.”

I’ll usually say two statements that are specific to the situation, and then the third is always…

“And to tell you the truth, I really want to have sex with you right now.”

I somewhat do this naturally.

Just make sure to reserve anything related to sex to the third qualifier, never the first.

Next, it just comes down to putting your balls on the line and LEADING.

LEADING is key. The circumstances are tenuous, and you can’t show any signs of uncertainty. So it is important to be assertive and decisive.

Absolutely. LiveForever was very spot on with this....not looking back lol.

There are two different techniques for when you leave the venue.

Have a reason for taking her to your house.
“Oh, I have to show you these cool fish/DVDs/youTUBE videos!”

The key here is to OVERSELL IT! “You have to come see the COOLEST FISHTANK IN THE WORLD!! C’mon, it is going to be SO FUN!!!”

The other choice is not to give a reason at all.
“C’mon. Sko’ sko’ sko’. Right now. We are leaving NOW!”

I actually prefer the second option because it is usually obvious that we are going to hookup.

Yessir. Good thing though is that some girls live on their own. I'll be working more on this no doubt!

5. Closing the deal

The last hurdle is getting from the club to the isolation location. It is important to keep the energy UP during this part of the interaction. Again, it’s a tenuous situation where too much lag time will dissipate the sexual tension to a point where neither of you are in the mood. So keep flirting, joking around, messing with the cab driver if in a taxi, and so on. Just keep the energy up until you get to your place.

Great advice! I just have to get to that point first.

Once back at your place, be chill and “cobra-like” walking in the door. Once inside, it’s time for the makeout wall slam of glory. Pin her against the wall and dive into a serious makeout. Then it’s just a matter of picking her up and carrying her to bed.

If you do things right it should lead to a Win/Win situation where both parties are happy. You took all the right steps to prevent any mishaps and resistance, ending in glory. Congratulate yourself… and the girl. :)

It shall happen sometime this year!

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