Sunday, May 30, 2010

5/29 Adams Morgan

Alright, tonight I go out with Quincy and Sonic. We first hit up Grand Central, and go up to a group of girls but logistically, the set was tough plus they were visiting.

Quincy and me then proceeded to dance with these 3 girls.

We then head to Tom Tom's.

I'm dancing with this curly black haired brunette. Her blonde hot friend was a cockblock at first but then started to be more friendly and nice lol. Just danced, sat down, danced again. She then proceeds to ask me for my number. The good thing I did was set the sexual frame. I even told her, "You got no idea of things i plan on doing with you". I couldn't hear of what she said after.

Then was gaming this hispanic woman who i found sexy. What I learned here was that I just kept plowing, teasing and she was starting to show more interest, brought up the BF thing to which i dismissed it/didn't acknowledge it.

Gamed this asian girl with her friends. Her friends were on the watch out with her. They were in protector mode, but that's ok...she was not bad BUT i noticed she wanted to be picked up. But i didn't care so much of what would go on with her. These situations I'm not going try to hard for recovery. I'm not going to invest so much. Friday at Mothers in Federal Hill, the brunette girl group logistics were ideal and didnt have to worry. The truth with her was that i believe she knew where i was coming from, knew if she came with me...something would happen. her objection was "I don't know you".

Saw two girls from Radford again. The one DZ chick with girly hair I found hot and the ASA Latina girl whom i found sexy as well. The first girl said i was vagely familiar while the latina girl didn't remember me, but they reacted the same when they saw me spit game with the other girls as back then.

Spit my game with a few black chicks, but they weren't hooking much.

I felt a bit discouraged plus seeing Sonic leave with a girl(He didn't fuck her) but i thought he did at the time, to where im sitting with Quincy after approaching this black chick dancing. Quincy then tells me that he's learned alot from what I been doing, he's been saying im grabby and that I keep going till girls hook to where he felt he had a bit to think about. Then that raised my spirits to where I then go back to that same black girl with more energy and more assurance to where she talks about how her crazy ex-bf is around, i then tell her we can be more discreet...but then i take it she was playing games to where then i moved on to latina girl to where she was hooked and attracted but was ADD after and shit but i learned of looking at her body, not words and we kissed. I also found out she was carpooling to where that was out.

Only issue with DC is that alot of girls carpool and shit. Its not like New York where the girls can take a cab home themselves. But all in all, i felt disappointed at the end of the night but felt better when i remembered the curly haired girl and how you still had two girls who hooked.

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