Saturday, May 29, 2010

5/28 Federal Hill

Tonight I went to federal hill and it had the same vibe as college park. My best set was the first. She was quite cute and I was doing well but the logistics of it all hit me plus there wasn't an its on moment. Once you get the it's on moment...proceed further. I could've gotten the number close and tried quickkill's shit but she was gone. I did well with the seeding, I just add more sexual tension by touching her more. That's ok though since I didn't care for numbers. The other bars were just tough and that's why I avoid college bars....too logistically hard cuz of groups. I will try felt's point, canton once more and then bourbon st.

Adams morgan is tomorrow night. I'm taking a break from dupont. Arlington ill try again too.

For situations like these in the future:

+Attempt to be more sexual:
HOW? Touch her a bit more, whisper in her ear, look at her sexually in the eyes, caress her legs, caress her hand.
+Make sure to get the number when isolated and when she mentions the friends, mention discretion. But check logistics, considering she was leaving with her roommate, that would've been tough.
+Remember, the car pull idea was great...but it wasn't "On" yet. She was attracted to you, but it wasn't to the point where she was feeling horny. Remember, do this when you can obviously feel the sexual tension. I didn't feel it with her yet. Plus she was still a little closed off.
+Federal Hill wasn't too good in my opinion. Too much stimuli.

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