Thursday, May 27, 2010

5/26/10 QuickKill Seminar + Street Game and Adams Morgan

Alright, I went to Quick Kill's Seminar and took a good deal of notes. Here they are:


At the end of the program, I asked him about withholding that part for day 2s and he told me not to. That was the answer I needed. Although I'm still hesitant, only because I guess you could say I'm a bit afraid to lose potential meet ups.

Before the seminar I went up to a married woman at dupont, a cute brunette girl in green going to a Stevie Wonder concert, a good looking brunette in a stoplight(she opened up more than the others), a thick girl with big tits, and then a cute black chick.

We went all over Adams Morgan after and spotted a thick black girl dancing behind her friend, there was a tar black dude with a tupe'...thought it maybe the bf but in was just a random guy. This set went well, eventhough she walked away after I tried to kiss her, before she left...i got her number and texted her after. Going to do my best and see what I can get.

Did some street game, some girls sticked but others didn't. One sexy chick was still walking but that's ok. I just have to have approach a bit stronger. Faz commented on the black dressed woman that the approach I did was weak...but i guess was because subconsciously I was trying to get her to stay. I only did that because I held back since it was quite dark out. One girl in street game that hooked was a tall slim black girl with yellow shoes. She replied to my text and seemed interested. :)

Adams Morgan seems pretty good :). This Saturday I'm going. I'm going to take a break from Dupont for a bit. Tomorrow I'm doing Reston Town Center. Sunday is Baltimore baby!

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