Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Badboy Notes

How to make a woman go wild.

by Badboy

This post is my Christmas gift for you.

What I am about to share you here , is one of Secret DNA tools we only teach on our DNA events.
This one small piece of DNA and if its done correctly can improve your success with girls significantly!

Its designed primary for getting One-Night-Stands , and I do not recommend it it if you are looking for a girlfriend.

In DNA everything is spinning around 2 Main components.

TCC - Trust-Comfort-Connection
SE - Sexual energy/tension ( escalation)

Every girl you talk to is going to be different, and each one will have different needs for amount of connection / Se. tension she has to have to sleep with a guy.

Your job is to find right balance between 2 elements and deliver it. You going to do that, by looping between those 2 elements.
In each new loop you have to increase Connection she feels with you ( TCC ) and Se. tension.

For example, if you approach girl with powerful Badboy direct opening and you say :
“You are so Damn Sexy and I am going to get to know you, tell me something about yourself.. who are you” ?

You just entered loop from SE Tension side, and by saying “ I am going to get to know you” you are moving to TCC component ( Connection).
And then you spend several minutes building TCC ( creating connection with her), and then you move back to SE. tension, and escalate no new level.
“Baby... you smell so nice ( while smelling her neck), and shift back to TCC (“what type of music do you listen”?)

The rule of thumb is that with normal girls you going to spend 2-5minutes in TCC and 10-20 sec building SE Tension.

You will continue loop by talking more about other topics ( changing topics and going deeper ) while at same time being more and more dirtier building SE Tension.

“If you only know what I am thinking about, you would blush”--Back to TCC
“ You know what you are going to be my new girlfriend”

To achieve desired effect deliver SE escalation lines by whispering to her ear. While in TCC you talk normal voice from normal distance.

“You know what, you have such a nice body..yummy”
“Baby you are so turning me on”
“You know what, I am resisting myself not to kiss you right now”

each new SE loop has to be 20% stronger, 20% dirtier then pervious loop. You can see in this newsletter from top how much I am escalating each SE.

“I so want to take you home”

With girls that came to club to get laid, you can skip TCC part and just loop SE element.

From time to time I get asked, so when does this loop stops? HOnestly : Never. The moment you stop this loop you are losing her. How many times happened to you that you were talking to girl and there was that moment when you had to kiss her, you waited too long to Kiss her, to Escalate, and you lost the girl. Same thing happens in a relationship. The moment you stop escalating, you get sucked into boring routine, and relationship slowly dies.
In a relationship loop is more then obvious. you sleep with a girl, and then you pillow talk, have a breakfast . SE - TCC.
So how to you keep loop in a relationship? you have to regularly introduce new things, such as new positions, new people, toys..

Jad's Bathroom pull

his happened yesterday. I have done this two times before. TO pull a girl to the bathroom is more right timing and preperation.


I always tip the security at the bathroom door and get him some drinks (i also know the owner of the club). Guess what??? There is a hidden room in the bathroom to put stuff cleaning stuff. Still you can use the bathroom seat bur Angry DISGUSTING!!.

SO i know my logisitcs.

Now i need the right girl. The right girl always APPEAR to me. When i look at her i feel this instants spark of sexual tension. Take into account girls who are at the club after 2 am are there to fuck.

Last have a CONDOMS . This is key . I can't tell you how many times that shit stopped me!

So we went out at 1:30 am. I was dressed like shit. But i just knew on a GUT LEVEL there is a girl for me now. So i chilled and enjoyed the music. Some asks me for a lighter and my buddy fucks the situation up. God they have to learn NICE doesn't means ATTRACTIVE NICE IS EARNED!!

Anyways at about 2:30 am iam at the club door and a very sexy girl works throught the door. I have saw her before with her 2 girl friends.

hbmetice: Smiley

jad87:" Grin"

hbmetice:" What is your name"

jad87:" SHHHHHHHHH"(Putting my finger on her lip)

Rule: Create tension by being UNLOGICAL and Horny.

...Crazy EC small kiss than makeout.....start eating her neck and ear until she is moaning.....take her by hand ...

hbmetice:" Where are we going?"

jad87:"TO heaven">

KEY: DON"T ever be logical when she is in the horny state just stay playful LET THE TENSION UP!! YEs a logical answer can fuck things up it happened many times with me

SO i lead her next to bathroom. Begin making out and let my hand kind of move her breasts . AS we are making out the Guy at the door knows what to do. I am moving her as we are kissing in to the bathroom then I pull out my dick.

hbmetice:" Not here!! ...blabla"

jad87:(Tkae her hand and put it on it)(She strokes it)

Rule: Girls talk shit get them to act. WHo gives a fuck what she says

So then iam like :" We need some privacy"...she is like "YA"..I open that small room and she had a skirt so it was easy to go for her pussy. We fucked and after that I GOT HER NAME lol!!

I invited her for a drink is this supplication Grin and i met her friends. My friends were like were did you disappear and why s your face sooo red ahaha.

Bathroom pull!!

Jad's DNA Tips

Well I didn't get any product related to this but this has been my style for a long time. The key to do it well is to truly NOT GIVE A SHIT. I mean it is like a frame of mind where you are in ACTION MODE. You do what you want to do and you do it TOTALLY. You must be out of your head.

The approach in itself should be an escalation and how RECEPTIVE she is to you escalation is her COMFORT ZONE.

I approach a girl i like in the club i immediately go for her ear while touching her face i let my hand pass on her neck . Now i say my opener usually " You are so fucking sexy" (and breath slow air in her ear)...Her Body language will tell me everything (It is best to get a FEELING for it then to logically search for it ..this comes with experience)

Then if she enjoys it I immediately take her hand and isolate (" i want to tell you something crazy...its too loud ") ...When isolation (She accepting isolation from such an approach in itself shows she WANT IT) ...We are walking i may push her on a wall to make out ..or get really close to her and go for it....Ofcours along the process she may TEST a lot..The key is not to even be affected..Would you fight a baby whore(that is your frame)...Now after she gets turned on (Make out should be short coz you don't wnat to give her everything) take her to an isolated place using some lame excuse or even better TAKE her and just GO...

note: There is no rules in this game but GUIDELINES

Jad's Screening Tips

Well lovesong and biggun I will try to clarify some stuff. Not all girls are up to such an approach . I usually select the girl that i TRULY WANT. Like she makes me feel something special. You can FEEL it when you look her in her eyes or at her like some sort of energy. I like to think of it like my instincts are guiding. Badboy was on point when he said " You feel like kissing then KISS".

Now for the girl the way she is dressed and behaving and when she is at the clube will tell you everything. so it is a why/how/when but i urge you not TO THINK it will come with experiance. But a fast guideline:

1. Who is she with?
2. Is she dressed slutty?
3. Is she drinking more than usual? (An excuse to fuck)
4. What is the time at the club? (If it is 2 in the morening she is there for reasons other than dancing)

When in convo with her:

1. Is she touching me? (After such an approach any touch from her is a huge good sign)
2. Is she logically trying to fuck my game? (If this is happening at the same time of her touching you she is HORNY...like one time a girl touched my cock while at the same time saying she hates me"(post fr soon)
3. Is she telling you how much she HATES her boyfried/husbad? (this is a sign she wants to cheat with you)
4. Does she give you an isolation window (This could be simple as she telling you she love guitar music after you say "I have a guitar home..Be aware of this"

I add some stuff also...
Enio's Stuff

I did like marius said... I'm working on my inner game... and i'm trying to change word "need" to "want"

i went to the pub yesterday... noting special just have a beer and relax... I wasn't looking for any girls....

Ok so i sit at the bar drinking johny black talking to bartender... When i finish my first glass of johny I had to go to restroom. I told bartender to pour me another one... While going to restroom I saw this brunette... Big eyes, nice lips, nice tits... we had an EC... Yap its going I think...

So when i came back from restroom I went to grab my Johny and went straight to this girl....

- You are so damn sexy and I want to get to know you... who are you?
She told me her name

- I din;t ask you for your name... I want to know who u r as a person...

She started talking about her life... what kind of person she is... what se doesn;'t like in ppl etc fluffy talk...

- I was like: Shhhhh your talking making me horny (hehe I love this phrase badboy... she was stuned)
.... I put my hand in her hair and I pulled it a little... and KC

- She was like: WTF is happening. I could see that from her expression...

I was trying to pull her out from the pub but she said that she is waiting for her friend and she cannot go...
I told her to call her friends that something came up and she have to change her plans....

No go....

So i sat there with her for few minutes talking, and I took her number...

I'm thinking about calling her tonight or tomorrow and ask her out.... maybe i will call her tomorrow during lunch time....

It looks like she wasn't the girl who wanted to get fucked this night... Well anyway I wasn't NEEDing to fuck her.... I go to pubs alone to work on my inner game and don't relay on going to pubs/clubs with friends....

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