Sunday, May 23, 2010

5/22 Lucky Bar

Lucky Bar tonight was good, only issue was too many social groups.

#1 Brunette girl who was on her way to the bathroom. She was smiling and directly facing me. I felt an "its on" moment with her. I kissed her and she kept smiling but then felt obligated to go back to her friends. So I meet them and turns out they've all lived in the New England area. Things are good except then its just her and her female friend. Only issue is, the female friend goes from being on being chill to then being a cock block. Don't you hate it that the friends cock block their own friends? Its too bad girls sometimes don't have wills of their own.

#2 British Black Chick. She was interested but acted funny around her co-workers. I think she held back for that reason. I isolated her to my friends but then she wanted to go back. Situations like these were tough. LiveForever gave me good advice.

He told me in these cases, just go for the number and when the Day 2 starts, be aggressive and all up on her. Thats the way to go about it, if the sexual frame isn't there...then things can be troublesome. I'm looking to get laid that same date, not take my time. If a girl is willing to meet up with you later in the night, she wants some dick lol.

#3 Director Girl. I was winging with Raven and his girl was cute. So then I proceeded to wing with him. But you know how girls are in this area, they rarely leave by themselves. But we just danced, kissed, danced, kissed...

Things I improved on:
1) When she kept saying she had to go, I proceeded to not acknowledge it and just talked about random stuff
2) I teased her on her objection, keeping this illogical still

NOTE: Was a mistake I made in the past back in Radford with that Big rugby girl whom kept saying she just wanted to play beer pong. You couldn't blame me for how I acted at the time. But its purpose was to teach me a huge ass lesson and thank god because I haven't made the same mistake before.

It was good seeding the Day 2.

#4 Tall thick drunk girl. This was awesome. The dude who was with his gf tried to set me up with her, even to the point of attempting to leave, but then the tall girl's alert signal flashed in her mind to where she would leave with them. I did forget her name sadly. Don't you hate that though? The friends tell the girl they are leaving BUT then the girl herself won't stay while other situations the girl would like to stay but the friends are deadset on having her go with them. Its like friends of girls ruin what the girl wants. The only down side was that when she said she was going to leave, I said "No" cuz subconsciously I didn't want to lose a golden opportunity like this. lol.

Did some street game with JSC and his friend. BUT, I was too wet to where I didn't go for some sets. If it wasn't raining, I would've no question. The girl whatshisface was with, the brazilian, i found her sexy...she reminded me of Monqiue Fuentes.

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