Saturday, May 22, 2010

5/21 Clarendon

Alright, tonight I went to Clarendon Ballroom. It was quite good in terms of hot girls. Sets that had good logistics, there were some but many were tough because of so many social groups.

Tall Danish hottie

Color was winging this set, but then introduced me to the hot Danish blonde who was late 20s.

+Set ran smoothly
+Had no problems isolated
+Did the 60 years of challenge screen shit
+After kissing her, she didn't want to go anywhere
-She wanted to go back to the friends
-Didn't seem to fully open up 100%.

Redhead at Mr. Days

+Friends wanted her to go
+Went for the kiss when I felt it necessary, eventho the spark might not had been there.
-To me it felt a little awkward to touch her

Two latina girls at Hardrock Cafe

+The hotter one seemed to be more chill and nice
+Good idea for bouncing, she was thinking about it while her friend was kinda aloof/not being that friendly lol
-Tough to close her because of her friend who was dead weight lol.

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