Thursday, March 26, 2009

Changes in the game

Firstly, i won't be able to game in the DC area for a bit, because i got a speeding ticket which depleted the rest of the graduation money i used for gas to sarge. So now i can only game nearby. But hey, looks like i'll be doing day game again and night game...i guess i can only do it local.

Aright, i haven't updated much as usual because not much in my ability has changed, except for noticing more of my issues and sticking points...

For The Night Time:
1) Pressured the girls too much it looks like, confused this with persistence
2) Was so caught up in isolating a girl, that i forgot that i can do it fine.
3) Revealing my intent more, should be more bold with it though.
4) Didn't go firm ALL THE WAY, would revert back to more safe conversation cuz its what i've done for a while. But i'll stop this but its no problem if it comes up.
5) Pressured the kiss too much, rather than do it with persistence and get both of us turned on.
6) Didn't find out if a girl wanted to hook up. Was so concerned with playing around her social conditioning that i never figured that some were def down to fuck.
7) Going to be more bold again, and not look back.

For Day Time:
1) Revealing my intentions more. I've decided to do this again, and i won't go back. I don't plan on playing it safe anymore, unless its multiple girls where i'll tone it down a bit.

As i've said before, won't post field reports until something awesome happens. But i do notice that when i was more bold back a year and a half ago...things to be working better for me than when i toned it down. Sure i got more meetups when i was less bold, but nothing happened. Looks like i'm returning to doing mode one again lol

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