Wednesday, June 9, 2010

6/9 Quick Kill's Seminar and the 30 Day Challenge!

Alright, before I was at Quick Kill's thing, i walk with two girls during the day time. First woman was european and seemed to be going somewhere. Next time, eventually stop so they don't keep walking. Second woman, just with Faz...was funny lol.

The Seminar, I pretty much learned to pretty much screen, focus on logistics and then act accordingly. There's nothing else to learn for logistics. Oh yea, try to meetup with them later in the night. That's all more or less. Screening and logistics, the big two.

I'm on Day 3/30, the 30 day challenge is to get a Single Night Lay within 30 days by my brother's birthday. Pretty much, its my challenge. Get a single night lay within 30 days, if this does happen...then i go for for another one and so on.

During the 30 days, i motivated to take it as far as I can but not stress over it. This more about building more and more of my skills. Right now, its just screening and logistics and keeping things sexual. Once I've done this, i'm going to get pussy left and right.

1) No convincing girls
2) No jacking off for 30 days
3) Do Laundry once a week and have your clothes layed out, and ironed.
4) Have the car parked near each venue.
5) If the girl won't comply with some isolation, see if her interest is still good...get the number and then set up a meet up.
6a) If girl is Logistic #1, contact her that same night to see what she's up to and what not.
b) if girl is Logistic #2, these ones are more doable(more to say)
c) If girl is Logistic #3, fucking perfect!
7) Don't be discouraged but don't get lazy.
8) Be in the moment with the girl, realize that isolation is for a reason. Why are you isolating HER? Yes to fuck her BUT have it be for purpose and for reason rather than "I have to do it"
9) If a cockblock won't let her isolate away, use 60 years of challenge's advice to where then things will become subtle. At most, if things are hell...just get the number and text to do stuff later.
10) Its all to find the girl that same night.'
11) For day game atleast, if your walking with the woman, stop a few times to set the frame.
12) If you do sex frame, and she says she's creeped out or whatever, notice her body language, if she leaves...let her leave...your looking for a girl who may resist at first BUT she's not going anywhere. If things are already sexual, at times there's no need to be sexual.
13) If you want to screw the girl, be firm and bring on the male obstacle. Don't give him value and ignore him. If he pulls her back, play it cool.
14) Remember, its about screening and logistics!
15) Don't give up too fast on some girls. They may only do it because they made a pact with their friends.
16) You can fuck girls at the venue and/or at her place. Believe in it! Remember, there were times where it would've happened but now you know what to do!
17) Make sure the car is cleaned consistently.
18) Do Vince Kelvin's suggestion, buy 50 condoms.
19) DO NOT GET FRUSTRATED IF A GIRL DOESN'T COMPLY MUCH but at the same time, see if there is mutual interest there. If she's not complying much and doesn't seem to be investing much, then move on.
20) THIS WILL HAPPEN BY JULY 10TH! No excuses now! Each night, screen for the girls to see which one is logistically the best, commit to that the most. If a girl is attached to the friends, you can introduce yourself and hang out a little with them but stick with the goal. If she doesn't want to leave them, get the number and move on to a girl with better logistics.
22) Look for the girl who will make things easiest. Who is sexually attracted off the bat, etc.

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