Sunday, June 13, 2010

6/12 Local 16

Doing better with group sets

I figured it out...tonight....early is for more mingling. As the night went on...things went better.

Importance of pushing things n these environments. Try local 16 a couple more times.

Try District and Rumors next week. Possibly Annapolis.

I can't seem to get a girl's buying temperature up after staying in there with her.


Tall girl I talked about PU with-
Don't be logical with her
She only wanted to talk
When you bring up the about you driving it to work to seed.

The sets that get interrupted...approach later if still there!

Hottie who I mentioned the foot fetish-
Tough Logistics since its 2 set.
good stuff isolating her...good screening.

Hottie who said I looked familiar-
Good shit isolating them
She didn't even want to sit down next to you.
Remember 2 sets are hard solo.
Don't be frustrated or try to convince.

Find logistics out as soon as possible.
If logistics suck...move on!
Girls do want to fuck, you just have to find them
Change venues if its not good.
Look for venues where its easier to have a girl's body temperature up.

Girls are attracted hence wanting to know your name and ask questions.

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