Wednesday, June 23, 2010

6/21 Yes!

FINALLY FLAT OUT FUCKED A GIRL TWO DAYS AGO from O.B.C.! Was an awesome experience! She was amazing at blow jobs and was great how I wasn't bad at sex. She worked with me and i then proceeded to get better as we did it a few more times. The truth was, her willing to do blow jobs really made the difference compared to that previous online girl. I was think what turned me on was the fact that she willing to stimulate me in ways i wanted, and I did the same with her. It was great sex because it was mutual and we had fun with it. Those are the girls I look for, its a must for me to enjoy sex with a girl who likes to give head. If a girl doesn't like them...unless she's pretty excitement might not be as high but god damn...was it a nice feeling! The final time we fucked where she took it all oh man...that felt great lol.

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