Monday, June 14, 2010

6/13 Canton

"Brother James advice was good. Don't go back too soon, shows neediness. Go back later. If she's eyefucking you, wait a little bit..then go back. Wait till things are more logistical friendly.

2 set-Dark Curly haired girl with frumpy friend:
This approach was good. Make sure to screen to see if she's the open type
When her friend wasn't going to let her approach, find out what she's doing things subtle. Then mention, "Alright...after you and your friend split ways, we can meet again" But remember, have a sexual frame. Find out if the girl is open to a sexual frame...if she isn't...move on... This girl wanted to isolate with me, she was interested while her friend wasn't letting her do anything.

2 girls, 1 guy girl-Alright, with this...only so much you can do. She wasn't offering much, move on eventho there was some tension there. But here's the thing, with these women...give them a couple minutes. Even after that, move on.

Prasant's hottie-Very logistical friendly approach. She was one I should've done. She seemed to be open to the sex talk, was just there with her brother. Was she wanting to fuck? Possibly. Its tough to say, but its a possibility. But good logistics he did.

Hottie and Ug-No go and was for the better.

Hair stylist with 2 other girls and a male i think-Alright her vibe was of a girl who wanted to fuck. Something about her, I sensed it. Logistically, its tough to say but for some reason i get the vibe of her wanting dick. After the kiss, she future cases, that's ok. Wait a while, then you can re-open her.

In the future, previous girls earlier in the night to later. If you sense things can't move forward, logistically seed for a number and then re-open them later.

Isolation is just to get the girl alone with it, to up things sexually or discuss future plans.

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