Saturday, June 19, 2010

6/15 Day 2 and Lima Lounge

Day 2

Improved no doubt.

Bored at first but opened her up. Go first principle follows.

Despite her dislike of things...found out what we clicked in.

You remained unaffected to her weird faces and continued to talk.

Found vital information about her sexually. She seems like a girl who takes things slow which is something I'm not into.

Followed Vince and 60 years of challenge's rule of not pressing the issue/convincing acted cool about it even after she put out the you should find a more open minded girl...and then brought it up again. Notice how were more real with each other

Was planning on touching her but she seemed stiff with that...would've felt forced. Next time grab her hand.

First set. Good start. She said she didn't feel comfortable...but good set. Usually aright looking girls are like this. Hotter and sexier ones are more open. Bad logistics.

Latina blonde...good convo...found she was a bit on the frisky side. She was hot.
Making out with her friend when she mentioned hat showed that side. Good practice with seeding. Made things official. Sexual tension with Dress.

Girl with big ass...ADD.

Milfs....figure out the one that's not taken. Next them both and stick to the one that's more interested. Also disregard.

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