Saturday, June 26, 2010

6/23 ESL one more time

Ellicit values
A girl stereotypes
Expand on about yourself.
Give something for the girl to latch on to.

Short haired....did fine with regular talk but wanted to do more.

Overreacted to getting blocked but felt damn good to tell him. Was tired of letting things like that slide. Was sick of guys ruining stuff. It was time I don't take it.

Two blondes....move on from them...

Blonde in large group...not needy of other guy hitting on her...good shit.

Brunette who I winged for raven....I played it safe and should've been dominant with her...and not abandon my style. The next guy had skill...he did better than I.

I'm not feeling ESL all that much anymore.

Good stuff kissing the two girls I danced with.

Andrew's new friend got laid

I am missing an identity.

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