Wednesday, August 20, 2008

8/17 When there's doubt, keep going and it'll be out

Aright everyone, today i decided to go to Fair Oaks Mall as i want to switch up between Tysons and it. Let me just say that for this day, my goal was just to get more relaxed as i was when i did campus. But also, i realized that i needed to be familiar with rejection a little bit more. So then i decided, instead of doubting and worrying that i won't have what it takes since im still not through the rustiness, that i'll get it handled.

#1 Woman coming up from the escalater. She looked middle eastern. I do the stop hand motion. She's pretty receptive but she says she's actually meeting up with her boyfriend.

#2 Was a cute short brunette girl. I had to follow her and i approach her from behind while she's walking. She is somewhat receptive, but then since she looked young, i asked her age and she says 16.

#3 Was an indian looking woman with glasses and a baseball cap. She's looking at clothes. I turn her around. She tells me she's married, i thought she'd have an accent of some sort. I then see as i leave, she gives a weird look.

#4 Was a pretty middle eastern woman. She's waiting for something i think. I go up to her with the Stunning opening, and she's like with a confused look "mmm...what?" I then tell her again and she says "pleeease". I then decide to walk away.

NOTE: In the future, don't leave.

#5 A cute tall brunette girl walking out of American Eagle, i see her and tell her to stop from the side. I go direct, she smiles somewhat but says she's gotta go. I'm still talking to her but she ignores it.

#6 Gorgeous Asian Woman. I notice her going up the escalator and i know that i wanted to meet her. So then i tell her to stop from behind. After opening, she declines.

NOTE: I'm feeling a little frustrated, as 5 of the sets were wood. I wanted to go home, as i found it pointless. But then i decided that i'll do my last 4 approaches as i got to push myself. That i won't leave until i fulfill it.

#7 Was in express. Was a cute blonde girl. I open her, and she's very receptive. I was shocked, she was smiling while i said my opening line. Convo was easy with her, plus she had wit. We talked for a few minutes about whatever and turns out she's gonna be a sophmore at JMU. After 5 minutes, i then do an insta-date attempt with her, but she says that she'll ask her friend over there if its ok(was a guy, and i then realized that it was her bf) so then i smiled and said ok. Told her it was good meeting her.

After i see afew more women i want to go up to in the store, but didn't want the previous woman to notice me doing it.

NOTE: This is a belief i got to destroy. Caring what a girl whom nothing could develop and was happy.. cares about if she sees me go approach another girl. Who cares?

#8 The next girl looked young, and i wasn't sure how young. some girls who looked young turned out to be my age. So i decided to go up to her anyhow. I say hi and she's pretty receptive, as im opening her attitude changes(More like she didn't know how to react), i then ask her age and she tells me 13.I'm like "WHAT?!!! no way in hell u look 13" I then leave immediately.haha.

#9 Was a redhead with glasses with big tits, jackpot! Her face was not bad, but her thickness made up for that. I then go up to her, and she's pretty receptive. I have her tell me about herself. Tells me she's looking for clothes and where lives in the area. She too had a wit about her. I go for an insta-date attempt with her too, but then she tells me how she's actually taken and then says in a funny, joking way that she's not that kind of woman(one who'd cheat). I then laugh too.

After this, i then had one fear i wanted to destroy again. Going into an all female store. In the past, it didn't matter to me but lately, i've had that fear. Before going in, i was afraid but then i decided to man up and when i put my foot in there,that fear was no longer there at the moment. Also, wats even more funny is there was a men's section in the store after i stepped foot in there.

while there, one thing that i won't forget for a while. This HB9 Middle Eastern Woman(long jet black hair, very nice sized rack), was giving me eye contact but i thought it was more looking at me just because i was near the female section. What an idiot i was haha. I gotta work on my eye contact and facial expression when walking around looking at random girls.

Most people didn't care i was there. After that, i decided to do one last approach to fulfill the 10.

#10 was a pretty faced thick woman. I liked what i saw. I did the stop hand motion. She was receptive, (I thought she was gonna walk away) but she didn't. We talked for afew minutes, turns out that she was married(I think i saw a ring on her). She was nice.

All in all, im glad i didnt' give up and kept going despite the first 6 approaches being meh. I felt much better as the day was done and my relaxation was coming back to me.

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