Friday, August 1, 2008

7/28-7/29 Couch Potato and More Thoughts

Aright for Tuesday and Wednesday, i was pretty much a couch potato playing Metal Gear Solid 4 and losing motivation to sarge. I confused this feeling with fear. I thought the reason i didn't want to sarge was fear, that i was afraid to go out there again. But to be honest, now that i think about was just that i didn't feel like going. I didn't have that drive or spark to go. Was feeling like a chore, rather than something to enjoy. Also, on Wednesday...i was suppose to go to a Tap room with a fellow guy in the community, who is a PUA...but me feeling a bit afraid to go there(a unknown place to me), i lied telling him i had to help my mom, but in reality...she didn't need help. That was pussy behavior. I guess i was afraid that i'd look like a chump in front of him if i went out in my unprepared state, afraid to approach.

But that's going to stop. I'll tell the guy the truth, since thats who i really am...rather than a guy who'd lie like that. That shows the lack of credibility i have. Even if he might have a different opinion about me if i tell him the truth, he deserves to know.

Now, on to another edition of Sky's Thoughts

1) Its pretty strange, home doesn't feel that different to me since leaving campus. I actually feel more confident back here.

2) For a bit i've felt mental rustiness with day game, considering each day on campus i'd usually find a girl or two to approach. Not approaching at all for a few days can take its toll.

3) Night game im feeling a lil nervous considering i have no idea whats in store for this month.

4) I don't want day game to be a chore. I want to have fun with it again.

5) I actually believe i know why i've seem to been losing a little motivation, its prolly cuz at the mall...i kinda have this feeling like i won't be able to do an insta-date or get a day2 or whatever. BUT, i'll get that reality back to where i can seduce women at the mall. Then i'll feel that enthusiasm. :-)

6) The assurance of keeping a conversation going is one my mental blocks right now. It might take a few times to where i then am confident i can keep conversation going as long as i can :-)

7) I got one month to improve game even further, first getting much more relaxed at DC Clubs is my first goal. Then of course, which shouldn't be long, kiss closing consistently and extraction attempts is right after that :-)

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