Friday, August 1, 2008

7/30 Return to the Club

Aright, today yet again was a couch potato. Didn't have motivation to go anywhere. One of my wings tells me he's going to ultra where then im starting to feel motivated again. If he didn't go, i doubt i would've wanted to.

It takes me an hour and a half to actually get there and park. I would only be there for an hour and 30 minutes and it costed 20 dollars. Plus, they said i violated the dress code. Baggy Pants. I'm like to myself "WTF?! My parents maybe a "lil" bit but its hardly noticeable. I'm wearing nice shoes and a nice collared shirt" Why in the hell should pants that look a tiny bit baggy and even matter?

But i still was able to get in. Costed 20 dollars. I'm like, "Will it be worth it?" When i get inside, i try looking for my friend and relaxing a lil. From what i see...i wasn't as afraid as before. Things started to be familiar to me. I felt more relaxed and looked around. Got some e/c from some women. Lets just say there were quite a few sexy women i def wanted to fuck. I meet up with drew at again, also met up with two other of his wings whom were exhausted from opening so many sets. It was good meeting both of those, and two more guys who were in the community as well. They both looked like they got skill ;-).

But aright on to the approaches:

#1 was a thick blonde. I give her a 7. Open up high energy. She's receptive. But she says that she doesn't want to talk to anyone really.

#2 Was a brunette girl i just opened dancing with by taking her hand. I can't dance worth a shit.haha. After that she goes back to her friend. This one it didnt' matter to me, just warming up for the night.

#3 Was a thick tall blonde with braces and wild hair. Yep, def wanted to fuck her. Did Fucking Sexy opening. She liked it. I sat with her and her friend, who looked bored. They were both thirsty and didn't have money for water. Normally i didnt' want to buy it, since they'd prolly only want the drink rather than u, but i was like "What the heck? Seems like there's interest. I see why not." So then i decide to buy it for all 3 of us to share. I have rapport with her and she's pretty receptive. I'm playing with her like crazy and she's liking it. But i hesitate to try and kiss her. After a few minutes, she and her asian friend go to the bathroom. Good interaction i'd say.

#4 Tall Gorgeous 1/2 Asian Girl. Went up to her telling her she was stunning and how im gonna talk to her. Before i went up to her, She looked bored and had her arms crossed. She was with another 1/2 asian girl and two asian guys. I go up to her, she's pretty receptive. I meet the other 1/2 asian, and its her younger protective sister...she's kinda friendly. I talk with the dudes for a minute, they aren't cockblocking me. Ask them if one of them used Afro Gel to keep his hair spikey(to be funny, cuz drew used it for his "puffball" effect for hair) haha. He tells me "nah" and says it in a confused look.

Then i isolate the asian girl from the group, she is confused and is alil resistant, BUT she goes along with me. We decide to sit down nearby. I just talk about her hair, her outfit, how she knows the friends she's with, etc. She's facing me a bit, but after im done talking, she's facing where the crowd is at. I can tell she's interested, i just got to keep things going. Her sister comes up to us telling me, "Don't have her out of my sight. I'm protective over her" I'm smiling as if it doesn't matter. She then looks at my arm, and i notice its a bit back of her, and i decide to move it a lil bit. She then gives me a look, to where i just raise my eye brows and smile and she walks away. Me not knowing what to say...i try the amazing sadness opener. She doesn't want to, BUT she doesn't leave. I'm thinking, "Got nothing more here" I then decide to end the set.

NOTE: Still getting a feel for the club again. If this was back at the uni bar, then i should get less slack...BUT since im getting a feel...i can cut myself some slack. I notice she's looking at me when im going up to other sets, and her sister and two male friends she was with.

#5 Was a nice racked late 20s, early 30s woman with blonde hair. I just danced with her, but she didn't want to grind...but i hipped bumped her but nothing came of it.
The other two people she was with(Another hot girl and a guy) didn't cockblock. I introduced myself to the guy, he was cool.

NOTE: Start conversation with her even if the dancing fails.

#6 Was a small slim hot black girl. She was dancing, i open her directly. She was pretty receptive. Conversation only lasted for afew minutes. After that she was about to leave. I told her we're gonna dance, but she smiled and said "Thats ok, we gotta go" She seemed interested too...just bad timing i guess?

#7 Stunning tall 1/2 black girl. This woman was very gorgeous. Had long black hair. I did the stunning opening and she was pretty receptive. Her bf was right there, i shake his hand. He doesn't mind and was cool.

All in all, i found tonight was worth the $20 to get a feel for it again. I don't got much money left to be saved and stuff...but i should be able to get in clubs for free if i get there within a certain time. All i know is, i'll be right on track tomorrow night when i do the club solo. :-)


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